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so im going to adopt a rabbit soon (a dutch rabbit if everything goes as i plan) and a few days ago i bought the cubes / grids, and i made an outline of what it would look like with the connectors and grids.

it is 4grids long, 2grids wide, and 2 grids high. i did plan on making it 3 grids high but my mom said no, but thats okay... i could always change it later in the future..

anyway, so today i got zip ties and some wooden dowels to support the second "level" (its more of a shelf), but i couldnt buy the wood for the base and second shelf because the saws at home depot were down that day. so i replaced all the connectors with zip ties, and i am VERY dissapointed... everything is very wobbly and weak. what have i done wrong? i do plan on going back to home depot tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to buy more zipties (i ran out so i couldnt connect the roof to the cage) and around 4 more dowels so i could attach them outside of the cage to make things more stable, also, i dont have the base platform yet as it will be pretty big... i was thinking maybe.. 57x29" . cause my cage is 56x28" and i heard that you have to get the base atleast an inch bigger (is that right? please answer) and its going to be 5/8" thick. what is the minimum size on how thick it can be? i will be putting casters on the bottom and drilling holes into the wood so it cant be too thin or else it will split. any ideas?

also, is one of the reasons why this cage is SO unstable, because i havent added the roof or the base yet? right now its just a plan 4x2 nic cage... on my carpet. no levels, no base, no no roof. but i will get all the supplies soon. thanks! also heres a pic i took a few days ago when i still had the connectors in! (ignore the stain)

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    Connectors around the top edge and around the bottom will make it more stable, but the important part will be the base. Once it all comes together, it will be stable.

    For now, just make sure all the connectors are thoroughly pushed in and everything is clipped together nicely.

    Here's some advice on the lining:

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