Can't afford to go to Beauty School because of Registration Fees. HELP!!?


I'm asking this on behalf of my cousin. She has worked literally all her life to make something of herself but constantly runs into problem after problem. I have literally never seen anyone get knocked down as much as she does. I commend her for keeping her head up. She has always been good at doing hair and she feels that its her passion. She never thought that doing hair would get her anywhere but she figured it was time to do what she loves. She applied for the Paul mitchell school here in Atlanta and got in. She went through all of the financial aid and was approved for a loan. She even gets money back for her living expenses (Which she desperately needs because she is living in her car). But the school told her that she needed to pay $700 (registration fee and her supplies) before she could start school. WTF She doesn't have that kind of money and If I had it I would give it to her in a heartbeat. Once again she is sooo close to what she wants but is being knocked down again. She says that she is going to go back home to florida but the end of December and stay with her aunt until she can figure something out (not the best option but she has no where else to go). If ANYONE has experienced this or have and knowledge on where she could get the money to pay this ridiculous fee, please comment!

I am determined to do everything I can for her because she is too close to be knocked back down again. I hate when people say this but, this is not fair.

She feels she won't get approved for a quick loan, and she said that she has to go to school for a certain amount of hours before they give her, her financial aid refund check (a few months). No payment plan. She has big credit card bills already.

Please help!

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    The Paul Mitchell schools fall into the category of a for-profit/career/proprietary college. They can prove very costly in the long-run (loans, which accrue interest and which may prove difficult to pay off.)

    Since she will be moving, your cousin will probably find a lower cost cosmetology program in Florida at a nearby community college. She will probably have to live and work in Florida for at least 12 months before applying to a community college, however, before she can qualify for resident/in-district tuition..

    This Florida Dept. of Education web page lists CCs in the state and where they are located, so you cousin can identify which CC may be nearest to where her aunt lives (and where she will be living by the end of Dec.)

    Once she knows which CC is in the area where she will live, she look on the CC web pages to find if the school offers a cosmetology program of study. Also, she can telephone the CC Admissions Office and ask question about cosmetology studies, cost, requirements to be considered a resident to be eligible for resident/in-district tuition. She can also talk (by phone) with a counselor in the CC Financial Aid Office regarding her financial aid options and what she needs to do to be considered for FA once she has applied for admittance to the school. The FA may include grants (which do not need to be repaid) as well as subsidized Federal student loans.

    If she can avoid taking out more loans, in the long run, she will be better off. Once she moves to live with her aunt, she might wish to go to one of the state of Florida One-Stop Career Centers for assistance with job-hunting. This is a link to find which center is in the area where her aunt lives:

    Since you have posted this question, perhaps your cousin does not own a computer and does not have Internet access. If that is the case, most public libraries, where she is living now and in Florida, offer free access to the Internet on library computers. She can go to her local public library and ask a reference library about Internet access there.

    Also, for job-hunting, many state career centers offer computer and Internet access at their sites.

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    She needs to move in with her aunt, and get enough jobs to support herself and begin to save up for such fees. Then she should apply to a beauty school down in Florida.

    Several of the community colleges in Florida offer cosmetology and similar programs. They are one-year programs. Once she's live in Florida for a year, she'll qualify for the lower, in-state rate on tuition at these programs, which will save her thousands and thousands of dollars in loan debt.

    In other words, there is no reason she needs to give up her dream. But she does need to go about it differently from her original plan.

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    Cosmetology is nothing like a regular college, it is a trade school (technical program), so there are no classes or credits, you simply accumulate clock hours. Because the schools are not funded by the government they cannot get government aid, they are all either franchise or locally owned.

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