What is the Alabama immigration law?

I've been reading articles about how bad the Alabama immigration law is, but none of them say what the actually law is... What is it and why is it so bad?

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  • 9 years ago
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    it makes it illegal to hire and employ illegal immigrants. it even makes it illegal to rent or sell any types of housing to them. They are trying to revise it, so I do not know what is going to be in it. The law itself is not bad. I do not know where you live. But there are way too many illegals here and the have good paying jobs because the will work for cheap or because people say some bull crap line about how americans will not do that type of work they do. With unemployment as high as it is, the state needs to change something ( immigration law, religious beliefs, whatever it is) to bring jobs back to americans in alabama. They need to do something to fix the unemployment for the entire country. Why should illegal immigrants have the right to come over, most of whom cannot speak english and get a job automatically and americans have to struggle to find work. It is not right.

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