please help!! piano wont play right comes up as error?

i have a YAMAHA Electronic piano PST -220 F Ser.NO. 9139370 it turns on and displays a KBD error everything else works except the keys. when you go to press one (any) there isn't any sound at all from the keys . is there something i can do to fix this problem.


i have reset it back to default and it said clear all the same message appers "kbg err" i have held the last key while turning it on same thing. i have sound from everything except the keys where i want them to make sound . if there is something else i would love to hear it .

thank you

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Hi Nicholas.

    Maybe, just maybe I can help you here. It may work or it may not. I have the Yamaha PSR 1500. I found that if I had any problem like yours, all I had to do was this.

    Turn the power off at the Keyboard itself and hold down the far right key up at the end with the power still off. Turn the power back on while still holding down the far right key and it should put it back to it's default. At lease it does on mine. I don't know if it will work on yours but it's worth a shot. Let me know how you get on. Eric.

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    I read your whole thing, with interest. Your right about the artist, so be a part time artist! It's perfect, and since in the meantime your dad wants you to be a doctor or something smart like that, some choices you might have are being a vet (I want to be one badly!), doctor, nurse, accountant, a teacher, etc. o offense, but all but the vet careers suck. When I first started reading I thought that I was going to write "15! Your not even going to collage!" but now I understand how your dad is. Maybe give him the idea of a part time artist and tell him since you really want to be one and he wants you be something like the choices I gave you, you guys can both win. After you give him the idea tell him your 15 and he's putting pressure on you that shouldn't be on you for another 3, 4, or so years. You just want to enjoy your teen life, almost stress free. I hope I helped and I understand what your going through.

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