What volume will the following quantities of gases occupy at STP?

5.0 g of Cl2

I do not understand chemistry?

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  • Matt
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    9 years ago
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    Relax and take a deep breath. First of all we know one mole of any ideal gas takes up 22.4L at STP. While chlorine gas is not specifically ideal, it is reasonable to say it is approximately ideal. Making this assumption makes us able to do the problem.

    We know 5.0g Cl2 can be converted to moles. Chlorine2 is about 71 grams per mole.

    50g Cl2 * ((1 mole Cl2)/(71g Cl2)) * ((22.4 L Cl2)/(1 mole Cl2)) = 16 L Cl2

    Does the unit analysis make sense? I just chained together everything so the units would cross out until we were left only with L Cl2.

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