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need biology help now!!!?


If water vapor continued to increase in our atmosphere, what changes would you expect in freshwater lakes? (2 points)

• Lake temperatures will decrease, but dissolved oxygen in the water will increase.

• Lake temperatures will decrease along with dissolved oxygen in the water.

• Lake temperatures will increase, but dissolved oxygen in the water will decrease.

• Lake temperatures will increase along with dissolved oxygen in the water.


A large storm destroys the greenbelt of an island coastline. What are the consequences of this loss of habitat? (2 points)

• a fast recovery of the coastline ecosystem

• beach erosion to the unprotected coastline

• a quick redevelopment of the greenbelt

• an expansion of beach vegetation


Forest habitat is cleared to build a new shopping complex. What does this scenario represent? (2 points)

• a gain in biodiversity due to an invasive species

• a loss of biodiversity due to human activity

• a loss in biodiversity due to a catastrophic event

• a loss of biodiversity due to a climate change


The city has applied for a government grant to build a new wastewater treatment facility. To qualify for the grant, the city must prove it has accounted for all potential dangers to animal populations surrounding the plant. What environmental parameters should be monitored to ensure the plant is not adversely affecting the animal species living near the plant? (2 points)

• the costs of utility and wastewater set up for the new wastewater plant

• land prices and the potential damage to the housing market in the area

• migrating bird populations and the carry capacities of local animal species

• the soil composition of the land and the topography of the surrounding area


The storm gutters of a large city empty into an ocean bay. A mechanic shop, unable to afford proper disposal, begins dumping its used car fluids, like motor oil, into the gutters instead. How will this impact the marine life of the bay? (2 points)

• The pollutants will disrupt oxygen absorption in fish.

• The pollutants will not impact marine life in the bay.

• The pollutants will kill all marine mammals in the bay.

• The pollutants will dissolve in the freshwater of the bay.


The national government wants to increase the number of national parks and recreation areas. How will this act help with the sustainability of our environment? (2 points)

• It will increase the carrying capacities of all animal species

• It will cause a biological surplus of all plant species

• It will decrease land use for waste management

• It will preserve biodiversity for future generations.


An increase in the coyote population has forced coyotes outside the reserve and into ranchers’ grazing areas. Many cattle have been killed. If you were a wildlife manager, how would you solve the ranchers’ problem while also protecting the animal populations in the reserve? Please provide supporting details for your answer. (4 points)


The city wants to buy a new parcel of land to build a new recreational park. What environmental factors need to be investigated before purchasing the land? (4 points)


Describe two ways to protect the biodiversity of local freshwater ecosystems? (4 points)

any answers are great:)

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    2. b

    3. b

    4. c

    5 a

    6. d

    8. existing ecosystems, species, changes in grading-erosion, water run-off etc.

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    Hi frou...(been a rough couple years lol) Dont know that I am back, but am for a time anyway. As a devout christian ( I know, here we go again, yes?) and speaking for myself, I find the study of these subjects interesting. even fascinating. In my healthier days, before the spina bifida caught up with me, I prepared herbal teas for folk's ailments . I learned how primarily from two people. My grandfather, and my greatgrammie's sister, who was native american. Dont think I even knew the word biology for quite a few years after Grampa started teaching me at about the age of six or seven. When I realized the "borrowed time" aspect of my life was catching up with me I brought as many herbs home from the woods and fields and started a garden out back. And yes, there were several that could not adapt and still needed to be foraged. Did not hear the word psychology till even after I heard biology ( was introduced to biology in high school and loved the study of it ) Again , it had no impact on me except I could say, "oh that's what they call it" Interesting but all the therapy or introspect I ever needed or will need , for me, is found in the Bible where the one who is the first and greatest counciler of all, and for all times, is to be found as is the answer to every question or problem I ever, ever had or will have. I feel that for some people psychology can be a tremendous help and as for myself, I confess to calling pastor a time and again even for a shoulder to cry on. Thing is tho, psychology, in my opinion, has become abused and caused more problems then the ones that caused folks to seek help in the first place. Also many people who desperately feel they need that help cannot find it for lack of funds. Thing that intriques me most is that those same folks give up on themselves and life for the lack of psychologists. Sad. I do run on , dont I dear? LOL Hope you have been well and happy during my vaca from comps. Penumbra

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