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how can a guy like my self be a vegetarian?

I am a 24 year old male. Kinda thin, but concerding beging a vegitarian. For a few reasons.

1. I do not trust the meat I get from the grocery store. Its all fake if you know what I mean. And filled with unnecessary fillers.

2. I can not afford whole foods. So if I was to go organic its going to be too expensive for me.

3. Its healthier. I have a 15 year younger than I am. And I like how she looks. She has a nice completion on her face. It glows. I guess from all the good veggies and fruits she gets. And in very good shape. Even though she never worked out.

4. I really do feel bad for the animals. Maybe if a guy like my self becomes one it will start a chain reaction. And it will one day end mass slaughter of animals.

5. I am Buddhist.

My problems will be.

1. Since I am trying to gain weigh, where can I get protein from? Is protein shakes concider vegetarian?

2. I never tried this before and loove the taste of meat. (sorry but at least I am considering it to give it up right?)

3. Chicken wings, hamburger and steaks and chicken. I do not eat that much red meat any ways. Because its just bad for you. But mannn chicken makes a tasty alternative.

The diet of course will be the hardest part. I am talking about turning off a switch. So I am guessing I will go threw some meat with draw symptoms. (seriously speaking).

And for fish...eh. I do not like fish that much. I hardly eat it any ways. To say I will take it out my diet its pretty much done. However if I am going to give up meat. I will crave it.

So what is the best way to go about this? So I wont end up quitting.

Remember. I am trying to gain weight so protein is necessary for me. So I would need a good amount of food that will fill in what I would get from meat.

Also. Late night snacks. You know when your hungry. first thing I do is get a fast snack from a fast food joint. I guess that is no more. What kind of thing should I do? Pack some snacks with me?

What kind of thing should I look for in a resturant?

Also alternatives. I need an alternative for every meat thing possible.

Eh I guess to make this short. What is a great cook book?

And should I quit meat cold or slowly transition? I really think if I was to quit cold. i would starve and get sick.

Thank you. I am very serious about this.


I think meat alternatives added with preservatives are just as bad. I never ate the fires at fast food. its horrible for you.

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    There are millions of vegetarians in the world. If they can do it, surely you can manage it too. It's not really all that difficult.

    Protein - ah, yes, the great protein myth. Sorry you had to fall for that one. The truth is that there is protein in almost all foods (obvious exceptions being water, salt, sugar, oil). If you're eating enough calories, you'll be getting enough protein.

    You're a Buddhist? There is a strong vegetarian tradition in Buddhism, so surely that should make it easier for you, shouldn't it? I know a lot of Buddhists and, although hardly any of them are vegetarians, most will have one vegetarian day per week, or per month, or during celebrations, holidays and festivals. It's only taking it one step further by going full-time vegetarian.

    Cookbooks - as you're a Buddhist, I'm making a big assumption that you're of Asian extraction, so I'll concentrate on cuisine that you'd be more at home with (traditionally speaking - like maybe something your mother, grandmother or whoever would cook). Here are just a few examples from my own collection. I highly recommend the ones with a * but they are all good.

    Real vegetarian Thai ~ Nancie McDermott*

    Far Eastern vegetarian cookery ~ David Scott

    Eastern vegetarian cooking ~ Madhur Jaffrey*

    New Chinese vegetarian cooking ~ Kenneth Lo

    Vegetarian Asian ~ Lynelle Scott-Aitken

    The tropical vegan kitchen ~ Donna Klein*

    Dakshin ~ Chandra Padmanabhan*

    The art of Indian vegetarian cooking ~ Yamuna Devi*

    Indian vegetarian cookery ~ Jack Santa Maria

    Pure vegetarian Indian cookery ~ Pritam Uberoi

    Cooking with Kurma ~ Kurma Dasa

    Great vegetarian dishes ~ Kurma Dasa

    Good luck. Sorry I didn't have the time to answer all of your questions.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by your first point #3.

    Being a vegetarian is easy, well at least the transition was for me.

    I started slowly: a few months as a pescatarian (I omitted red meat, pork, and poultry from my diet), a year as a vegetarian, and now I'm on month 1 of being a vegan.

    There's lots of protein in a vegetarian diet. Consume lots of dairy, spinach, soy products, and collard greens.

    For a weight gain diet, eat lots of calories; just eat more all the time.

    Soy 'meats' are a good alternative. Try Boca Vegan Burgers, fake chicken nuggets, and other such things. The vegan burgers even smell like meat.

    For snacks, pack things with you like nuts, dried fruits, and previously prepared foods.

    In a restaurant, it's ok to ask if a certain dish is vegetarian. Just ask if it has any meat in it.

    You should try to transition. I don't think you would starve, you may get an upset stomach the first week or so. But, within a month, if you're balancing your diet right, you'll feel a lot better.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a 20yr old Vegan
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    If you're giving up meat for health reasons and are concerned about cravings, why not just cut back to once or twice a week? There are meats that are raised and processed in a more healthy way and you could get a small amount of chicken or beef once in awhile though they are a little more expensive. Meat is not "bad for you"- as long as you consume it in moderation, like everything else. I agree with you about the processed meat alternatives. I do not recommend any overly processed prepared foods, whether vegetarian or meat-containing. You can make your own veggie burgers out of brown rice, legumes, and other vegetables and they will be much cheaper and healthier. Make sure you get a balanced diet, some fat, carbs and protein. How much protein you need depends on your weight but most people in Western countries get more than enough. Particularly, if you continue to eat dairy products, you will get plenty of protein. I don't know about specifically having an alternative for meat. I don't think about it that way. I do enjoy many vegetarian meals, though. Try some different easy ideas like roasted vegetables, a vegetable stir fry (you can add eggs if you eat them) or curried lentils and other vegetables with brown rice.

    Yes, keeping some healthier snacks with you like apples, bananas, nuts, cheese and crackers, or a peanut butter sandwich will help you avoid the temptation of fast food snacks.

    I very rarely eat at restaurants, but there are more healthy or vegetarian choices there. However, you should know that the vegetarian selections are not necessarily healthy, i.e. fettucine Alfredo, most salads loaded with cheese and dressing. Actually a steak or hamburger is healthier! If it is your health you are concerned about, avoid fried items, creamy sauces, etc. A safe bet is a pasta tossed with olive oil and tomatoes, or with a red sauce, with some steamed vegetables on the side. The best bet is to not eat out very often. I eat out so rarely that when I do I don't worry about it. But I do immediately put aside half to take home. Or just get an appetizer.

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    Protein shakes are vegetarian.and tofu is protein.you could make very tasty veggie stir fry with tofu.and and you can buy soy patties.they taste like meat but they're not. And buy things that are meat substitutes like the patties I was saying above.they taste like chicken but they're not.you could probably find other meat subs like this too. And fast food joints don't need to be cut out completely.I mean,french fries,onion rings,stuff like that is vegetarian.or the apple pie or desserts at some joint are always vegetarian and would make u gain weight. And every restaurant always has a salad that you could make tastier by adding feta cheese and stuff that's yummy in it.and add garlic sauce thats fattening.and vegetarian pizza! Garlic sticks! Theyre delicious and vegetarian.plus any restaurant could probably give you whatever you ordered but without the meat.unless of course the meat is the main part of that meal/appetizer.you wouldnt get sick from stopping eating meat, but I'm guessing if you don't start eating more than you used to to replace the meat,you would lose weight rather than gain it.so maybe u should transition,and start replacing meals with healthier meatless alternatives,like lasagna or whole wheat toast and cottage cheese.or a grilled sub.

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    its hard to explain, most of these vegitarians are as healthy as the people who eat the standard american diet.

    You pick a reason and you stay with it... like i am vegatarian because i choose not to eat meat products to no die of a sickly deadly disease of being blind.... (that is you saying that not me, you pick your reason)

    I am a vegan i dont eat a vary viariaty diet, i also quit starch since it is artifical which most vegitarians eat.

    What i eat, Almonds, Walnuts, Wild rice/black rice, broccoli, blueberries...

    that's it for now.

    Now its when you look at the diet, you look at the standard american diet an if you were looking at it you see how can everyone get all those serving sizes in? You'd have to be cooking all day to get those in, simple, dont you see now that cooking is a waste of time? You don't need all the recomended servings, you gain weight by calories not by protein their are 7 amino acids in plants and enough protein in brocolli alone as long as you have enough calories you wont become deficent. Look up meat, look up whats so great about it, look at resturants and snacks you want to get thrown off and reapeat a cycle?

    I dont give very good advice, remember the reason why you went vegan wherever you are, and when looking at choices remember the reason and choose the best choice for you. all it is is self disaplent

    take it easy

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    Going vegetarian doesn't mean you have to purchase organic food. It is recommended that you go organic for the dirty dozen, though: http://www.organic.org/articles/showarticle/articl...

    Gaining weight: just eat more. I have a cousin who claims to not be able to gain weight (he's trying to get more muscle), but he eats very little. I eat around 1400 cals a day, and even I eat more than he does. Are you SURE you can't gain weight? Anyway, eat beans and nuts and seeds for protein. If you consume dairy, milk, yogurt, and cheese is also a source. Protein shakes are considered vegetarian (some brands are even vegan).

    If you like meat, you can eat faux meat such as gardein or boca etc. I'd only recommend this for the transition phase, so that you get used to not eating it, since they're not healthy. And you did specify health as your reason for becoming veg.

    You won't have any symptoms except missing the taste so long as you eat healthy. Many people make the switch and simply eliminate meat, without replacing it with beans. Kinda essential. If you're unsure about whether or not you're getting enough nutrients, you can track it on fitday or cronometer (both free). But so long as you're eating colorful fruits & veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, maybe dairy if that's included, you'll be fine. If you're not consuming dairy, take a b12 supplement and eat lots of green leafy veggies.

    Snacks: I usually eat leftovers, or dip some veggies in white bean hummus, or have a pb&j sandwich, or potato chips, or fry up some tofu (desperate times, man).

    Restaurant: tell server so they can warn you about chicken broth being used in rice. Ask that it contains no (beef, pork, chicken, fish, shellfish, oysters, gelatin, broth, egg/milk if that's what you're excluding). Tip well. You'll learn as you go along, and mistakes happen, so don't freak.

    Cookbooks: I don't use them. I subscribe to a bunch of vegan blogs, and use those recipes. You can also see lots of recipes on vegweb.com . ohsheglows.com also has yummy recipes. How to cook everything vegetarian, by I believe Bittman, may work for you, though.

    Cold vs transition: when I gave up dairy, I transitioned. It was easier than going cold, which I did in college and failed. But transition by meals, not by eliminating types of meat or reducing. You want to learn to make whole meals of veg food, not slowly get rid of it and not know what to cook in its place. You can go cold turkey, but you'll also have to be willing to forgive yourself when you cave in. Which you will. It'll take about a month for a full transition if you're pretty vigilant.

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    If you are sincere about going vegetarian, there are numerous free vegetarian starter kits and guides online. I'm only personally familiar with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine but here are numerous others which came in a quick search.







    If you are sincere about your health, stay away from fast food joints and processed foods. Whole foods are not expensive, they are less expensive than fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. If you can't afford organic, don't buy it. Even Walmart has organic now.

    All the rest of your answers will be covered if you use any one of the vegetarian starter guides above.

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    If you ever try out to maintain a diet regime you usually discover that many diets advise that you fully keep away from particular foods groups such as carbohydrates and at finish all the pounds that you misplaced (if you get to drop them) are coming back.

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    scooby the bodybuilder is a flexitarian

    meaning he mainly eats a vegetarian diet including whey protein powder and he occasionally eats fish and chicken.

    a flexitarian diet might be a the best choice for you for now.you can go full vegetarian any time you want.

    if you look at his nutrition videos(start with quick healthy meals) he will tell you what to pack for snacks and also good vegetarian meal choices.

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