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How can i become a cop in the St.Louis county of Missouri?

what is the training?

what steps should i take?

do i have the option to be tasered? if so could i do the daisy chain?

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    There are two ways to gain admission to the St. Louis CMPA. You may be:

    1.) hired by one of the law enforcement agencies in St. Louis County and sent to the Academy as a department-hired recruit. For more information, contact any of the police departments in St. Louis County.


    2.) selected by the St. Louis County Police Department as an Open Enrollment recruit. Tuition is paid by St

    For more information regarding the Academy Open Enrollment Program SEE LINK

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  • 3 years ago

    you could desire to be 21... have the two 2 years of faculty, 2 years of military provider, or one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous police journey. Have uncorrected imaginative and prescient no worse than 20/200, and could be correctable to twenty/20. No felonies or type A misdemeanors on your record.

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