so guy that works at mcds?

the mcds in my local walmart came up to me cause i filled out a application awhile ago. he said to come in between 2&5 to ''check'' on my application and he said chances are ill get in.

why did he say this? does that mean hes gonna help?idk. and i cant go at that time...should i just call? im 16 btw.


Wow, really? I can definitely use normal grammar. This is the internet, alot of people don't use normal grammar, therefore if you do not like it then get off the internet. Okay? Thank you very much sir (:

Bye now.

Update 2:

By the way Mcdonald's hires crack heads, I believe I'm alright (;

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  • 8 years ago
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    Call him and say between 2 and 5 doesn't work, apologize, ask if you can give them any information over the phone and see when the earliest next time is for them - at THEIR convenience, and be sure you make it!

    But honestly, it's McD's, I think you'll get in...

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    acceptable, the cashier would favor to get a criminal specialist and save his mouth close. The offender value is in all likelihood because of his repeating hitting. severe stress would favor for use to smash the cashier yet what's severe at the same time as ones existence is on the line? once you're 100 lbs moist and some long island reliable sized's linebacker jumps a counter and grabs you, at the same time as is protective severe? the classic citizen purely is widely used with the stress to renounce the prospect to his body. yet McDonald's has already fired the guy for undesirable shopper help.

  • 8 years ago

    He is probably saying this because there might be someone important there such as the manager so he can put a word in for you.. but if you cant make it simply give him a phone call and let him know .

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would not hire you because you can not spell and have poor grammar. I try not to hire retards. I am sure he will not call you back. You should go back to first grade and relearn how to speak.

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