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Help finding the father of an ancestor? William Epperson?

I am looking for

1: His birth or Christening year

2: Confirmation of who his father is

Info I have:

He had a son named Littleberry (Named after a family friends surname as indicated in Wills of Eppersons of this generation) Littleberrys birth year is no later than 1738, indicated by him being removed from Williams custody on the 23rd of February, 1756. This is also the only document I have showing William as Littleberrys father.

The source: "Abstracts of Cumberland County, Virginia Court Order Books from June 1749 to May 1756"

The Entry:

"Ordered that the Church Wardens of King William Parish bind out Littleberry Epperson, Son of William Epperson, It appears that William neglects to take proper care of Littleberry" dated 23 February 1756.

I have never seen a documented birth year for William, or documentation of his parentage. The common link and date is that he was born in 1708 to Thomas Epperson/Apperson (It was written both ways throughout my familys history) Littleberry is listed both as Epperson and Apperson as well. I have no idea what this is based on, other than "The story of David Epperson and his descendants of Albemarle Co. Virginia" by Edna Epperson, so I am hesitant to trust it. Can anyone offer me some help? I wouldn't have gotten this far without Yahoo users like Joyce B and Wendy C.

Thank you to anyone who spends time helping me, results or none.



Thank you for the suggestions, very helpful. I indeed do have several lines going back to Virginia, mostly Huguenots that took little to no research thanks to several books published on them and their fleeing France.

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    crash course in Colonial VA research: it is a pain in the (lower rear anatomy).

    1. The document/proof you want, MAY never have happened, or may not survive.

    2. Virginia county evolution.. think: VA started as one "lump" of land, and over the first century after Jamestown, new counties were created every year. People moved from the coast, inland and settled new areas. This process is a study in itself, but almost necessary if working VA between Jamestown and the Revolution.

    3. Your "result" might not be a single record. It could be a conclusion from SEVERAL items, ie an Epperson had a land grant in 1705; another had children baptised in (say) Henrico, a will in Charlotte county names sons of Mr. Epperson, none of which are the guy you need; or the will of the wife's father includes your ancestor as an executor.

    4. Of the above, it is possible that only one item is online and the rest buried in things like old books, magazines at the VA archives, etc.

    wow, I hope that link works. If not, google "Virginia colonial abstracts". The entire book may be of value, since I'm betting you have several different surnames/ lineages in Va. If you have one, that's how it works, and they will be in the same localities.

    you might already have this...but it does give where much of the sources are/were, which allows you to follow up. I'd do more digging for you, but not much time this morning.

    Some early Virginia lines are YEARS of research in themselves..

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    Interesting I have a family member in 18th century Virginia named Littleberry Robinson, son of William Robinson. I wonder if they could be linked in some way.

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    It would be worth a try at St.Catherines House,where records are kept, it would help if you had his birth date good luck

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