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Can you rate these movies 1-10 ? All chick flicks!?

1.angus, thongs and perfect snogging.

2.valentine's day

3.john tucker must die

4. 10 things i hate about you

5. 27 dresses

6.never been kissed

7.the notebook

8. Bring it on

9. Easy A

10. Sisterhood of the travelling pants

11. Uptown girls

12. My girl

13. Aquamarine

14. Another cinderella story

15. Ella enchanted

16. Monte carlo

17. Raise your voice

18. Sleepover

And which one do you think is the best?

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    I'll rate the ones that I've seen :P

    1. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging - 4 - The acting was a quite bad and the story was predictable)

    2. Valentine's Day - 2 - Just not a good film, some of the acting is poor and the story is predictable, although I can see how some people would see it as a fun watch)

    7. The Notebook - 8 - Very good and well acted and not predictable.

    9. Easy A - 6 - I think this movie is MASSIVELY over rated, it was okay, just nothing special and it was predictable. Although it did me make laugh at times.

    13. Aquamarine - 7 - A fun movie, that I enjoyed even though the story was predictable.

    15 Ella Enchanted - 6 - I think this movie is also quite fun to watch and dispite the predictable storyline I still had fun with it.

    Wow, I used the word predictable a LOT but unfortunately the majority of chick flicks are predictable lol. Also, can i just suggest another chick-flick that's amazing and hilarious too - Bridesmaids, I would definetely recommend that.

    Also, out of the movies you listed, I would definetely say The Notebook is the best.

    Hope I Helped :)

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