Is it possible that a compromise could be reached for another vote on federal DREAM Act(see below)?

It is possible that a vote on dream act next year could be possible. Lamar Smith, a committee chairman in the House has proposed or will propose legislation for e-verify. The compromise could be that a vote on e-verify in the senate will occur if the dream act is voted on and passes in the House of Representatives. In the House all that is needed is all 192 democrats plus at least 26 republicans. Nancy Pelosi can probably get the all democrats to vote yes again. And John Boehner could be persuaded, to get enough republicans to vote for it, since it will mean that a vote on e-verify would be voted on in the Senate.

On the senate side, there are 51 democrats plus 2 independents who most always vote with the democrats. IF all vote yes, that gives Dream Act 53 yes votes

If the 2 republicans from last year that voted yes, vote yes again, that gives a total of 55 yes votes

There are 2 republicans retiring, and they could be tempted to vote yes. Giving a total of 57 yes votes. A compromise could be reached to get the remaining 3 votes.

Choices could include

1. Scott Brown, He is up for reelection and from a highly democratic state. He voted no last year, but Harry Reid could reach a compromise with him that would give a favorable tilt on him being reelected. Right now he is behind in poll for Massachusetts senate.

2. John McCain, He is one of the original sponsors of dream act. Even though he voted no last year, his state of Arizona passed an immigration law; meaning that he might feel it would be safe to vote yes.

3. Susan Collins, she is a moderate. Even though she voted no last year her other colleague Olympia Snowe from Maine voted yes, so she could be persuaded to vote yes alongside her.

4. Orin Hatch, a co-sponsor, and very moderate, he did not vote for dream act last year. He is up for reelection and could be tempted to vote yes if the vote occurred after the November elections, (Meaning even if lost he could still vote on it)

5. Lindsey Graham has stated that he would be willing to vote yes on dream act if comprehensive immigration reform preceded it.

6. John Cornyn, even though he voted no last year, He is another senator that has been for immigration reform. He is a top republican of a committee that handles immigration issues

There are other republicans that could be persuaded on a number of factors

*Comprehensive immigration reform.

*Certain states hold off on voting for DREAM Act until after the vote on federal level.

*Any republicans that are in democratic states who are up for reelection

* If and this is a big if, Eric Holder were to back off from his pursuit of certain states if any republican congressmen and any republican senators from those states voted for dream act.

Assortment of states includes

Georgia (There are 2 republican senators in Georgia)

Alabama (There are 2 republican senators in Alabama, but one will most likely never budge)

South Carolina (There are 2 republicans in South Carolina and one of them is Lindsey Graham)

2 states that are planning a vote on dream act next year are Florida and North Carolina.

So a hold off on any vote until after federal dream act could also be favorable.

The main things that will determine the best possible out come for dream act is when the vote occurs.

There could be a risk if the vote occurred before November elections.

The best possible outcome is probably after the November an election like last year’s was, which was after 2010 elections.

Such a vote is highly favorable cause all people who would vote for dream act would be people already in congress, regardless of whether they lose reelection or not. Holding off until after November elections could also be favorable for Republicans whose chances of winning reelection would be hurt if they voted yes on dream act before the November elections.


@how, do people not want e-verify. I thought people were complaining that illegals were doing jobs they are not suppose to. There are only 8 states that mandate e-verify be used. The other 42 are not obligated to mandate e-verify as of yet and a federal law would require them too. If something never stands a chance of passing the senate, nothing will ever happen and we will be stuck with illegal aliens in this country for a long time. 60 votes are needed for something to pass.

Update 2:

@country, the senator in your state voted for dream act last year and is retiring , so what you say is moot.

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    Any politician voting for the Dream Act will not be getting my vote. The in citizens...of this country have repeatedly pressed for No Amnesty. Come here legally or don't come at all. If you are here because your parents were criminals and came here illegally you should be angry with them not us.

  • 9 years ago

    No GreasyTony, there's really not. You're so blinded by your racist belief that "the race" should be allowed to break any law they want that you've completely forgotten the response from the hundreds of millions of Americans these criminals have victimized.

    There weren't enough votes to reward criminals for their crimes while Democrats held a majority, and there sure as hell isn't enough to get it passed now.

    Here's the only compromise you'll get. These criminals go back to their own countries and we'll let them apply for LEGAL immigration status and they can wait just like everybody else.

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    9 years ago




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