Is informed and implied consent the same?


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    The have the same effect, but they are not interchangeable phrases.

    Informed consent (or express consent) is when you are giving actual verbal or written consent: "May I come in?" "Yes."

    Implied consent is when you do not give actual verbal or written consent, but is inferred from signs, actions, or facts, or by inaction or silence. For example: giving a copy of your house key to a friend or family member would imply that you are giving them consent to enter your home when you aren't present.

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    No, "informed" means you have been given information prior to your express consent. Implied consent means your actions imply you consent, whether or not you were ever informed.

    For example, a doctor wants to do surgery upon your body and requires INFORMED consent, in writing, to avoid being charged with battery. An EMT finds you unconscious on the ground and has your IMPLIED consent to perform first aid. Similarly, you enter a sports stadium and your presence there implies your consent to their rules including the possibility of being searched for weapons or alcohol.

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    Informed is when you are clearly explained the consent, while implied is a gray area where you are given an impression of consenting to something, when the terms have not been clearly outlined for you.

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    No. Informed consent is when you consent to something after receiving all the information on that subject.

    Implied consent is when your actions imply that you consent. For example: By accepting your drivers license (your actions), you also consent to any sobriety tests requested of you by law enforcement.

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