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why is Alabama the number 2 team in the country?

Alabama and Oklahoma State have identical records, but Oklahoma State had the stronger schedule this year (Ok State: 6th strongest in the FBS; Bama: 23rd strongest). Oklahoma State also has more wins versus ranked teams, and more wins versus teams with winning records than Alabama did. and compare their lone losses. Oklahoma State lost in double overtime on the road, while Alabama lost at home and was kept out of the end zone.

after seeing all these facts, how can you say Alabama is number 2?

**also did you know in the recent coaches poll, which is 1/3 of the BCS formula, both Alabama and Stanford were voted ahead of Oklahoma State in the ballots of Nick Saban (head coach of Alabama) and David Shaw (Stanford) while Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) did not have a vote? how unfair is that?

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    Alabama is #2 because the majority of people who have an opinion that matters ranked them #2. That's just they way it works. You want Ok State to be #2? Tell them to field a defense that ranks somewhere in the top 100 of FBS defenses. I think Ok State currently has the 107th defense of 120 FBS teams. That's not championship material. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

    Of course Saban is going to rank Alabama higher than Ok State. Do you think he's an idiot? Do you think Obama voted for Bush? Saban's primary responsibility is to the university that is paying him $4,000,000.00 or so a year. He has to protect Alabama's financial best interests. If you can't understand that you're just pathetic.

    Shaw had similar motivations in that by ranking Stanford over Ok State he increases the probability that Stanford finishes in the top 4 of the rankings and is guaranteed a BCS bowl.

    The participants in the coaches poll rotate on a regular basis. One day Nick Saban won't have a vote and Gundy will. That's just the way it works. Why they don't let every coach vote is a mystery to me but they don't. Tough luck.

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    Direct all anger towards Iowa State. That's who Choklahoma State lost to. You know, an unranked 27 point underdog. Weren't they up 24-7 and then choked the game away? Yeah, they deserve the national title.

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    Same answer as the last time you asked this, and the time before that, and the time before that, etc.




    Here's a dime. Buy a clue.

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    Because the powers that be decided that they were. It is the system that we go by. If you don't like it then work to change the system

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    depends on who and how tough of a route they play-points scored and points against, and what the other teams -who they played.. how large the schools are

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    Biased-ness towards SEC.

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