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why does earth spin around sun and also spin around its own axis?

why does earth spin around sun and also spin around its own axis?

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    It is because momentum is conserved.

    As the vast "cloud" of particles accreted by gravity to form our solar system, the AVERAGE rotational angular momentum was in a certain direction and the particles moved very slowly (on average). As the particles were pulled toward the center (the Sun) the angular momentum was retained. Just as an ice skater will spin faster when the arms and legs are pulled in, the particles move faster as they amass at the Sun and planets.

    Why was there an average angular momentum present at the start? There can be many reasons. One plausible one is that a star went supernova and gave a push on part of the cloud. If the push were on all of the cloud, there would be no rotational momentum. It is reasonable to suspect that part of our original cloud of atoms and particles may have been shielded from the push perhaps by distant obscuring dust clouds or other nebulae.


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    The original matter in the solar system was a swirling mass of dust and gas that eventually formed into the sun and planets.

    The continued spinning is explained in Newtons first law of motion: "The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force".

    In similar fashion, the earth continues to spin on its axis.

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    once you're in a automobile, prepare, or airplane, you are able to circulate around very easily even even with the undeniable fact that the automobile is hurtling alongside. that's an identical way with the Earth. the exterior speed relative to the middle is a little extra beneficial than a million,000 mph on the equator, which counters gravity there *particularly*, making Earth an oblate spheroid (flattened on the poles). yet each thing on the earth which contain oceans and environment is spinning alongside with it. the only important effect is while something strikes north or south, there's a small tension that curves its course (in many cases referred to as the Coriolis effect). This leads to wind and ocean present day types, which contain hurricane path. further, Earth strikes in its orbit at almost 30 km/s (over a hundred,000 mph!), yet on account that each thing is shifting with it, we don't be conscious. Earth's rotational and orbital speed *does* could be taken under consideration as quickly as we launch spacecraft, on account that we could calculate thrusts and instructions relative to despite the trip spot is. and you are able to desire to bypass previous the image voltaic gadget to be conscious that the solar is in orbit around the galaxy and the galaxy is rushing in the direction of the Andromeda galaxy, yet we are all going alongside for the experience.

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    Because it is a planet: all planets orbit around a star and spin on their axis.

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    because i think that's the way it spins..uh It's a natural phenomena.

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    Because God likes it this way

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