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Street value of watson 932 pills?

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    As with any good or service (legal or not) the value is determined by the supply and the demand in your particular market. The short answer to this question is: They are not worth anything unless you have someone who is willing the buy them and then the price would be determined on your need to sell v/s their need to buy.

    One would need to know where you intend to sell them in order to give an accurate quote. For example: In my particular market the end user usually gets pills for around $0.50 per mg. The Watson 932 is a 10mg pill so it would sell to the end user usually at around $5.00. However, if I were to purchase $40 to $90 worth that price drops to $4.00 per pill, and $100.00 or more the price would fall even lower to $3.00 to $3.50 per pill.

    A few states north of me the same 10mg pill is going in the upwards of $1.00 per mg. This price difference is do to a high demand and much stronger state laws that cause the supply to be much lower.

    When refering to pain pills in general, the type of pill is also important in determining value. Example: In my area an oxycodone such as the Watson 932 will sell much faster or can be taxed (price increased) slightly more than say a hydrocodone due to the high demand for that particular substance.

    Another consideration is the amount of active ingredient in the pill. Example: your Watson 932 is a 325mg pill with 10 of those mg being oxycodone. The other 315mg is acetaminophen and probably some fillers and binding agents. As I stated before, in my area this will usually go to the end user for around $5.00 however, the Watson 749 (identical in appearance) is a 325mg pill with only 5mg of oxycodone. The 749 is pretty much worthless here due to the minimal amount of active ingredient. Basically one would have to eat twice as many to get the same high as the 932. In doing so you would also be consuming twice the acetaminophen which comes with it's own set of issues. Like with me... a massive headache. On the flip side, a pill such as the Roxy 30 can be sold for much more than $0.50 per mg here due to the high amount of active ingredient and very low amount of filler.

    Source(s): Former street pharmacist, RECOVERING (former) opiate addict (200mg per day)
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    Street value of watson 932 pills?

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