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What do Japanese people think of Pearl Harbor?

What do Japanese people think of the attack on Pearl Harbor now?


Jishow yes I have heard about the the conspiracy the U.S. knew about the attack and let it happen. And what you said "These things are common sense other than America. However, they are hidden in the US because of ex-servicemen's interference." Is simply not true there been a few documentaries on the history channel and military channels. (I don't know where you are from you maybe from Japan?) If so I doubt you get the American history and military channels on your TV. And the documentaries talked about the U.S. possibly knowing in advance about the attack.

And to be honest I don't really believe it because to me its like the whole "America knew about 9/11 and let it happen to get into Iraq."

But I have heard the Americans had suspicions that Japan planned an attack but didn't know where, and when they would attack.

And now this is for all the users who answered I just wanted to tell all of you. I really love Japan alot! My yahoo avatar's back

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    Sorry Jishow, I will dumb it down so you can understand.

    Also Jishow, I said NOTHING about Hiroshima in my answer. You are the one bringing Hiroshima into your claims that "everyone makes mistakes." Whatever. I'm not here to defend America. I don't really think Hiroshima is justified. I live in Hiroshima.

    What I'm angry about is that your claim that Pearl Harbor was conspiracy is completely false. There is nothing to back those claims up, and you cannot provide sources that I can check.

    YOU started talking about Hiroshima, which to me, has nothing to do with this insane conspiracy theory of yours.

    There are many sources at Wikipedia, listed about the Pearl Harbor conspiracy, there are also many sources about the Moon Landing conspiracy, which states that astronauts did not actually walk on the moon. A lot of sources mean nothing unless they are good sources.

    If you tried to use Wikipedia as a source at any university in the United States, you would probably fail the paper you were writing. And then you tell me I can examine the sources? Why? I'm not the one claiming that Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy. I don't need sources because the historical record shows Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack on the US military base.

    Why can't you list some of the sources that convinced you that the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy?

    You won't do it, will you? You never checked any of the sources, you just believed what Wikipedia told you and assumed it made you smarter than the Americans who actually believe that Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack.

    And your statement that "everyone knows it except for Americans" is simply not true. I'm willing to bet I have talked to more people from more countries about this topic, being a history major and having traveled the world, than you have. Even in Japan, very few people believe that.

    So you find my language offensive? As a student of history, I find your falsified and undocumented attack on the historic record offensive. I'm not a flag-waving patriotic American who thinks that Pearl Harbor justifies Hiroshima.

    I never said that. I live in Hiroshima, for gods sake. I would never equate Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. However, unlike you, I believe that both Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima happened as they appear in the historical record. Please stop changing the subject away from your claim about Pearl Harbor. I don't care what you think of "some Americans" who want to "justify Hiroshima," I am not that person and I don't think anyone "deserved" the A-Bomb.

    I want you to provide the "documented evidence" that your claim is about conspiracy at Pearl Harbor is true. I'm sure you won't provide any, because all you have are the links at the bottom of a Wikipedia page you didn't read.

    Next time, Jishow, a little advice: The Wikipedia page on "Bigfoot" has sources at the bottom of the page too, but that doesn't mean that Bigfoot really exists.

    Source(s): My source is the historical record, the scholarly opinions of 3 generations of historians, both American and Japanese. What is Jishow's source?
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    As for this matter, the common sense in the US is different from other nations'.

    Do you know Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracy theory?

    In recent years, some official documents which relate to Pearl Harbor became open to public in the US. And, the theory has been proved through the documents.

    According to the documents:

    - US government knew the attack. It was not a surprise attack.

    - US government precipitated Japan into the war because they wanted to enter the war.

    Actually, new ships and able soldiers were sent to other place before the attack.

    It means the victims of Pearl Harbor were chosen by the US government.

    These things are common sense other than America. However, they are hidden in the US because of ex-servicemen's interference.

    And, the other shocking documents, which relate to A-Bomb, are also open to public.

    The facts written in the documents are opposite to the common sense of ordinary American people.

    You can check these facts even through Wikipedia.


    @少林 Yoda

    To be honest, I can't understand your "lesson". Your opinion is too offensive for me.

    And, I don't believe Wikipedia so much. But, there are many references in the article. Did you read any of them? I read some. You'd better read some before denying me.

    When someone from America talked about Pearl Harbor, they always justified A-Bomb (This is my experience). But, murder is murder. Japan killed many people in Pearl Harbor. It is true. Japan killed many people in the war. It is also true. Japan should not justify these facts, I think. And, America should not justify it, either.

    If there is a false information, it should be correct. Don't you think so?

    少林Yoda, I showed some sources 36 hours ago because you required, but you didn't reply to it. It means you surrendered? To tell the truth, there are more documents/articles. But, I didn't showed because you can't see them online. Most documents are new things because they were secret before. So, they are not listed in old historical books.

    And, I hear that some documents were found recently, though they are not verified yet. One of them was reported by Tokyo-shinbun in this week.

    Source(s): http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/FRUS/FRUS... - Charles A. Beard - Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath by George H. Nash - The secret plan that would have prevented the attack on Pearl Harbor. by Alan Armstrong
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    I'm an Asian American living in Japan and from the friends I have here, they are proud. They are also proud of beating China in the Sino-Japanese War and still look down on Chinese people to this day, including any other East Asian nation.

    Source(s): Living in Japan.
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      So are you telling me they're proud of raping many women just 17 years old? Eating men! Not just killing, but torturing people. Regular civilians. 5 million civialisn were killed by the Japanese in WW2. THEY'RE PROUD??!!!! THAT'S INSANE! DON'T MAKE IT A LESSER THING THAN IT IS!

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    They don't have any opinion.

    They are not taught about it and have little curiosity about it.

    Other people's pain (whether it be foreigners or fellow Japanese) is not something Japanese concern themselves with. They simply don't care.

    Source(s): Resident of Japan.
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    What do they think? some live in denial and in some cases it is glossed over in the history books

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    No one really talks about it.

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    we're not bad people, and accidents happens... - i think :)

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    "We are AWESOME!"

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