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Since Japan and America are allies and China is alas ally NO MORE, can I randomly attack Chinese?

Since Japan and America are allies and China is alas ally NO MORE, do not I have right to attack random Chinese students at my school, because of their ethnic background? And if family come, then can fight family as well...since many americans interested with japanese culture, and since many militarymen enthusiastic of alliance, I am sure if attack, will NOT attack without powerful allies and weapons at my side...

And soon, Japan will likely deploy military overseas - one way or another - and will focus mass air assault on all Chinese communities in US, Europe and Canada, the offense bolstered by Yakuza serving as kamikaze pilots. And after chinese is over, then we turn to other asian communities that served much as ENEMIES of empire...and perhaps then, and only then, can Japan's honor be reclaimed, and the shames of HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI be avenged through ritual sacrifice and blood.


NO, American, I care not of world war, because japan will always ultimately benefit from such chaos in the end...but I ask only if is possible NO interference by anyone here if plan is carried out in full...

Update 2:

Well, Japan not SO dependent on the china nation, and indeed much historical HATRED towards Chinese (many other neighbors too, but still mostly chinese), so, you know...

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  • Bill
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    9 years ago
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    No you can not randomly attack Chinese. China's economy is surging and its military fortunes are rising. Its first aircraft carrier -- named for the ancient Chinese admiral who conquered Taiwan -- began sea trials in july. Chinese money and Chinese workers are penetrating Central America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Chinese cyber-attacks are plundering Western military and economic secrets wholesale. Chinese sovereign wealth funds and Chinese companies (often controlled by the Party or by the People's Liberation Army) are taking advantage of Western Europe's sovereign debt crisis by buying up European government and business assets on the cheap.

    Meanwhile, China continues to use the growing reach of its military to push out its strategic perimeter towards the Second Island Chain beyond Japan and Australia while it simultaneously constructs the so-called "String of Pearls" of major ports around the Indian Ocean in Burma, Pakistan, and Ceylon. To date, China's ascent is peaceful; but it's increasingly locked in an escalating confrontation with its near neighbors over control of the strategic and mineral-rich South China Sea.

    Power, as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair remarked last year, is flowing east.

    The Obama administration has no plans to re-grow the U.S. military -- radically downsized beginning in Bill Clinton's presidency -- to meet China's rise.

    While Asia is booming economically, Europe and the United States remained locked in a deep recession, with debt crises hobbling one nation after another. The EU Project and the euro itself are under deep economic and political strain. Angry European populations increasingly reject the "one world" policies of European elites.

    Like the United States, France and Spain both hold national elections next year.

    European nations, such as Great Britain, are downsizing their already-undersized militaries to fund their bloated welfare states. Native populations across Europe are falling, while Muslim immigration is filling up the population gap.

    To the south, Mexico is locked in a full-blown war with its drug cartels, with thousands of people dying each month. A national election is set for next year. Mexicans are furious at the United States and what its failed War on Drugs is doing to Mexico.

    Central America is also a breeding ground for transnational criminal organizations.

    The one bright spot may be the sudden weakness of American enemy Hugo Chavez. Venezuela's president (and Cuban ally) is reportedly seriously ill with cancer. But Ecuador, Argentina, and Nicaragua are all in the hands of hard-left governments. Brazil -- one of the rising BRIC nations -- is booming and going its own way under its latest socialist president.

    In Western Europe, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, and Ireland are effectively bankrupt. Spain has had 20% unemployment for two years and may be the next IMF basket case. Italy's Berlusconi is reeling from a criminal sex scandal while massive budget cuts are necessary to avoid a further spread of the sovereign debt contagion. In the UK, the phone-hacking and Scotland Yard bribery scandal has humbled the Murdoch-News Corp. International empire. It may yet bring down the Conservative-led government of Prime Minister David Cameron. Scottish voters are seeking outright independence from the UK. At the same time, faced with huge deficits, the Conservatives have downsized Britain's military -- especially the Royal Navy and the Air Force -- into international irrelevance.

    In the Middle East, the promise of the Arab Spring is unfulfilled at best. Sudan, Libya, Syria, and Lebanon are all defying international attempts to pressure or remove national leaders who committed or are committing mass atrocity crimes.

    NATO's efforts in Libya continue to be dubious. At the same time, President Obama has repeatedly failed to use decisive force to end the reign of dictator Moammar Gaddafi.

    Israel is more isolated diplomatically and militarily than it has ever been since its re-founding in 1948.

    Such might have been President Obama's daily morning briefing before he headed into his next round of negotiations with congressional leaders over the debt crisis. The condition of our own country and its economy, and the state of our own U.S. politics, are well-known. The above, however, is a fair summary of the state of play internationally, viewed from an American perspective.

    A U.S. debt default, of course, will immediately delegitimize the dollar as the global reserve currency. This is a goal which has been avidly sought by the Chinese and Russian governments for some time.

    The view from Beijing, based on the same facts, would be just the opposite: world conditions are excellent. o_O

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I mean before America bombed them. Perhaps in WW Two? Er, your basic ww2 history is sorely lacking. The only use of nuclear weapons in anger (i.e. war) were used on japan by america to end world war 2. Ironically, the nuclear weapons probably saved over 1 million lives ... which was the minimum projected death tolls for an invasion of mainland japan. They were never allies in war to my knowledge.

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  • So, your basically asking: If I hit a Chinese kid, will WW3 start?

    Uh... No.

    Are you F**KING CRAZY!?

    Edit: Im Canadian Actually. And heres your straight answer, NO. Not ever. A plan like that can't actually be carried out! America would never attack China, because their economy would totally collapse without the Chinese!

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  • 9 years ago

    Wow you are way out there fella. Perhaps you should make an appointment with your shrink,, maybe reserve the rubber room for a while.....

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  • 9 years ago

    You're asking Americans whether you can kill civilians on Pearl Harbor's anniversary? People like you disgust me.

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  • Mike
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    People like you, is what makes America a stupid country.

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  • 9 years ago

    Are you a kamikaze that failed to die?

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