How do you pronounce these names? Girl's edition.?

Which pronunciation do you prefer? OR how do you pronounce these names? When I offer choices, they are different ways of pronouncing names in different countries.

Corrine: Cor-een? This is kind of ugly to me.

Helene: Like Helen? Hell-in?

Eleanore: Like Eleanor? Ell-uh-nor?

Victoire: Victory?

Zoe: Zo-ee or Zo? The proper English way is Zo, which I prefer, what about you?

Imogen: Emma-jen?

Gisele: Jih-zhell or zee-zhell?

Genevieve: Jen-uh-veeve







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    8 years ago
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    :: Corrine- Corr-ihn

    :: Helene- Ay-LEHN {it's a french name, well if you add the accent marks }

    :: Eleanore- Ell-uh-nor {like Eleanor}

    :: Victoire- Vic-twoir

    :: Zoe- Zoh {long 'Oh' like the word so)-ee

    :: Imogen- Im-oh-jehn

    :: Gisele- Jih- Zhell

    :: Genevieve- {both}- Jen-uh-veeve normally, Zhawn-vee-ev when I feel more dramatic

    :: Michaela- Mih- Kay-luh


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Corrine: Core-in

    Helene: Hell-in

    Eleanore: Ell-uh-nor

    Victoire: I have no idea!

    Zoe: Zo-ee

    Imogen: Imm-uh-jean

    Gisele: Jih-zhell

    Genevieve: Jen-uh-veeve

    Michaela: Meh-kay-la

  • 8 years ago

    Corinne to me is: Cor-Inn

    Helene is: Hell-een

    Eleanore is how you put it.

    Victoire, I'm not sure, I've never seen that. It looks like Vic-Twar though.

    Zoe: Zo-ee, but I prefer the spelling Zoey if you use the pronunciation Zo-ee.

    Imogen: Imm-O-Jin

    Gisele: Jih-Zhell

    Genevieve: I've heard it Jen-uh-veeve or Jen-uh-Vee

    Michaela: Meh-kay-la

  • 8 years ago

    Corrine: Cor-in

    Helene: Hel-een

    Eleanore: Like Eleanor

    Victoire: Vic-twah? Lol

    Zoe: Zoee

    Imogen: Em-uh-gen

    Gisele: ****-elle

    Genevieve: Gen-uh-veev

    Michaela: Mick-ay-la


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  • 8 years ago

    Corrine: I've only heard this pronounced Core-in, which is kind of pretty. Don't like Cor-een though.

    Helene: No idea. Like Helen I guess.

    Eleanore: Ell-uh-nor

    Victoire: Like Veek-twar. It sounds a little weird without the French accent.

    Zoe: I've seen this one pronounced Zo-ee and Zo. I prefer Zo though, maybe Zoey as a nickname.

    Imogen: Heard Em-oh-geen and Em-uh-gen. Don't really like either of them lol.

    Gisele: Jih-zhelle.

    Genevieve: Jen-uh-veeve...never heard it any other way and I think it's very pretty like that.

    Michaela: Ma-kay-la or Mick-kay-la, just like Mikayla/Makayla. I have seen some people read it as Muh-kay-ell-a the first time though. (This is my daughter's name)

    Source(s): mommy of Michaela, Leah, and Kieran
  • 8 years ago

    My pronunciations of these names:)...


    Pronunciation: Cor-een


    Pronunciation: Hell-een

    [Helen is Hell-in]


    Pronunciation: Ell-ah-nor


    Pronunciation: veek -twar...


    Pronunciation: Zo-ee


    Pronunciation: IM oh jen


    Pronunciation: Jih-zhell


    Pronunciation: Jen-ah-veeve


    Pronunciation: mee-kay-la


  • 8 years ago

    Corrine: Core-een

    Helene: Helen or Hel-aine

    Eleanore: Ell-uh-nor

    Victoire: Vic-twah (like the French for three). Victory's not right

    Zoe: Zo-ee...which is the proper English version. Except the name is meant to be Zoë.

    Imogen: imm-oh-jen. My name :) it can also be Imm-oh-jean (normally spelt Imogene) but I hate that pronunciation. I had a teacher who always called me Imogene and it was so annoying.

    Gisele: Jih-zhell

    Genevieve: Jen-uh-veeve

    Michaela: Mick-ay-luh

  • 8 years ago

    Coreen. Not a great name, I know.

    Helene: This is french soo it's correctly pronounced like ill-leen, but is also pronuonced Helen, Heleen

    Eleanore: Just Eleanor, another spelling.

    Victoire: Veek-twar, another french one, so it's kinda messed up.

    Zoe: Zo-ee, also written Zoey.

    Imogen: Im-a-jen

    Gisele: Jiz-ele

    Genevieve: Jen-a veeve. That's my great aunt's name, so I better know it.

    Michaela: Mic-AY-la

    Hope I helped. A lotof my freinds and family have thoses names, plus google for The Helene one.

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    3 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    Corrine: (Cor-een)

    Helene (HEL-N)

    Eleanore (ell-uh-nor-e)

    Victorie: (Vic-Tor-E) I know someone named Victory.

    Zoe is good for the name Zo for a nickname. (Zo-ee)

    Imogen, no clue

    Gisele/Giselle: (Guh-iz-elle)

    Michaela: (Me-shell-a)

    Genevieve: (Jen-uh-veeve)

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