I need help on a math question?

Amy, Betty, David, and Ed have the last names of Gonzales, Jackson, Keller, and Perez, though not in that order. They recently participated in a race, and they all finished the race in a different position. From the clues below, match the names.

A) Jackson said she would have finished higher if she hadn't slipped.

b.) Ed finished ahead of Perez but behind Betty.

c.) Amy finished right behind Gonzales.

d.) Neither David nor Ed finished third.

Which places did they finish in, and what are the last names?

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    9 years ago
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    i think this is right :)

    1st = Betty Keller

    2nd = Ed Gonzales

    3rd = Amy Jackson

    4th = David Perez


    a) jackson could of finished higher - CHECK :)

    b) ed was ahead of perez but behind betty - CHECK :)

    c) amy finished right behind gonzales - CHECK :)

    d) neither david or ed finished third - CHECK :)

    hope this helps :)

    Source(s): years of doing these types of puzzles in maths ://
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