Need scholarly articles and books about the US exploitation of Indonesia?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jim Lobe, "U.S. Warned Against Full Embrace of Megawati," Inter Press Service, July 25, 2001.

    Noam Chomsky, "Why Americans Should Care about East Timor," Mother Jones, Aug. 26, 1999.

    Matthew Jardine, East Timor: Genocide in Paradise, Odonian Press, November 1995.

    William D. Hartung and Jennifer Washburn, "U.S. Arms Transfers to Indonesia 1975-1997: Who’s Influencing Whom?" World Policy Institute, June 1997.

    ... etc

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  • Zyzzyx
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    8 years ago

    I have never been aware of US exploitation of Indonesia. It would be interesting to read this.

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