how do you enable farmville friends once it was disabled?

Ok my fiance's farmville friends where u add neighbors without adding them as actual friends on facebook was disabled accidentally and now the check box is gone to enable it any suggestions on how to get it back so he can once again add neighbors without adding strangers to his personal page? please and thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    it's possible that this option was removed

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Open a Facebook account. You will need this account to play Farmville in the first place, so you may already have an account. Log in.


    Navigate to the search box at the top of your Facebook profile. Type in the term "Farmville". This will pull up the game application and groups related to the game.


    Click the "Like" button to join a group. There are many different groups dedicated to the game. Most allow you to post a comment that you are looking for neighbors and to add you as a friend. If you do not want too many requests, you may want to simply look for others who have asked for friends and send them friend requests with a note that you are looking for Farmville neighbors.


    Once you have added people as friends on Facebook, you will still need to open the Farmville game application and add those people as neighbors on the actual game or accept their neighbor requests.

    Farmville Forums


    Visit the Farmville website and navigate to the forums area. You can choose to register with the site or connect with your Facebook account. This is an area where Farmville fans can meet and read about various tips to help you play the game better.


    Click the Finding Neighbors topic thread. You will find a section titled "Add Me." Click that section.


    Choose farmers to add as neighbors, or post that you are looking for friends for Farmville.

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