So why is it that so many of you Americans are pissed off at Obama?

I'm Canadian so I'm not involved in or accustomed to in the Dem vs Rep histrionics (i.e. - I'm not slavishly aligned either way and I'm uncomfortable with the type of dialog that goes on) but I'm curious, very curious, how he went from darling to scapegoat so quickly and why.

Please, if you can, leave party based ideology and partisan rhetoric out of it and just say how Obama as an individual has messed up. What should he have done differently? Some specific examples would help me understand. (if it is possible to)


OK, the economy is bad, why is this Obama's fault?

Update 2:

What did he specifically do (or not do) to bring about the collapse of the American economy? From my perspective it was in bad shape when he took office. (that doesn't mean that he didn't make it worse - I just don't know - these are actual questions in the sense that I don't have an answer in mind already)

Update 3:

americanmalearlington (or anyone else who cares to answer) what exactly is it that he does or says that is 'un-american'? I thought American values were freedom and equality (i.e. as long as you obey the law you can say or think or do whatever you want - that's what leads to creativity and that creativity is what leads to economic activity - that's been the history of USA's great wealth). So again, how is wanting to change 'un-american'? What specific policies does he have that are 'un-american'?

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  • kpk02
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    9 years ago
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    Oh let me count the ways:

    - He's on multiple occasions snubbed out allies and coddled our enemies.

    - He's made statements in support of OWS protests yet denied that the Tea party protests even existed.. even though those were significantly larger than anything OWS has brought forth.

    - He keeps making statements about the millionaires and billionaires needing to pay their "fair share" even though those groups already pay a lot more of the tax burden than their income portion (for example, if they make 30% of the total income in the US yet pay 40% of the total tax revenue.. just made up those numbers to explain my point. I don't have the real numbers off the top of my head.).

    - The chrysler bailout was a union bailout. Secure bond holders were kicked to the curb, further damaging any incentive to invest within the US. Why invest if the government can break any deals?

    - The Solyndra money was turned down by the Bush Administration because their analysis showed that the company was essentially doomed to fail. So why did the Obama Administration both lend them a ton of money and then go so far as to start planning to lend them even more??

    - The cash for clunkers program was a complete failure. It was supposed to create incentives to boost car sales. Based on the costs/numbers, it worked out to cost taxpayers around $24,000 per new car sold from the program. If I remember correctly, that was even higher than the average price of new cars sold during that period.

    - His mortgage assistance program was a complete failure. People who couldn't pay their mortgages got new deals and then still didn't pay.

    - After all of the Gitmo talk, Gitmo is still open and operating yet he's been silent on it.

    - He still to this day keeps blaming Bush and just isn't standing up to take responsibility for his policies and the fact that he voluntarily took this position fully aware of our economic situation. If he didn't have the solutions to get us on track.

    - He claimed transparency yet his administration makes Bush's look crystal look by comparison.

    - He claimed to allow the public to see any legislation online before it gets signed into law. I've seen no such efforts.

    - He shoved a $600+ billion stimulus down our throats that was essentially little more than a system to hand checks to campaign donors and unions. It didn't create any real economy boosts and it took years to even spend that money... so much for shovel ready jobs.

    - His administration is full of Lobbyists, looks to be even more than Bush's was.

    - A large portion of his appointees are those that either follow Socialist views or in many cases are self-admitted Socialists or even Communists. That's not the type of people who should be appointed to any form of government role in the US.

    - He has racist instincts when looking at a situation. That was proven by that "police acted stupidly" incident which he commented on before the facts for even presented.. and made the assumption that the police were of course discriminating against the black man. Not a serious thing, but enough to clearly show that race plays a role in Obama's thought process.

    - Along with the transparency thing, why are his educational records locked down so tight? I'm quite curious what sort of economic courses he went through, because he sure seems to be a complete idiotic when it comes to understanding economics.

    - He also shoved Obamacare down our throats under false promises of it improving our health care system. Even before it's fully implemented we're already seeing the impact... premium increases, greater restrictions on what can be claimed, lower coverage percentages, less choices. All Obamacare did was expand medical forms of welfare.. at the expense of damaging the system for 85+% of the people.

    - The GM bailout, once again promoting poorly run companies and essentially given taxpayer money to unions.

    .. and that's just off the top of my head. He's made so many poor decisions that I can't even keep track of them all. That's why people are pissed at him.

  • 9 years ago


    I don't think it is necessarily about "Fault" as much as He appears (and this is MY interpretation) to be Very Weak as far as an "involved" Leader, if that makes sense.

    He makes demands, then splits !!

    Most Presidents are entitled to Vacation & Campaigning, but HELL.... We are in DEEP DOO-DOO and we need our "Civil Servants" to work OVERTIME to save the Nation.

    He "Talks" all the freaking time, but he rarely puts ANY plan on-paper -- that has not ALREADY been voted on 2 yrs ago.

    He spent an Inordinate amount of time, passing his Health Care Reform, in his 1st Year, because it was his "Pet Dream" and with a Democratic Congress, I guess it was the time to do it(??)

    However, the Economic Repair that was required at the time ( and I do not care, if people want to blame Bush -- It really is MOOT, at this point ) -- has been a complete failure, imo.

    Since then, he just "acts" like he does not know what he is doing.

    Again -- this is just how I see it.

    He did the "dirty work" of getting Obamacare passed, but SHOULD have spent his first year "THINKING THROUGH" how to Fix our economy.

    I REALLY do NOT think he knows how to do that.

    Looking back, I wished Hillary Clinton would have Won the Democratic Nomination.

    I was not a huge fan, but at least she is FAR MORE experienced than Obama.

    EDIT -- He can blame Bush all he want or Blame the Current Congress --

    -- The "Bottom-Line" is that This is HIS HOUSE and HE MUST PERFORM ( but has not )

    P.S. -- Nice analogy by "How would I Know" !!


  • 9 years ago

    Same for most presidents. If the people don't see results quickly, they slam the President.

    The economy has not improved much. Most of the things he enacted has been ineffective or not effective enough.

    He is a good speaker, but his inexperience in national politics has made him weak when dealing with more experienced politicians who oppose him. Even those in his own party are doubting his political abilities.

    He had some gaffs with foreign leaders. Even the PM of Israel disrespected him when Obama suggested their borders be pre-1967.

  • 9 years ago

    Pissed off is not the correct way to phrase feelings towards Obama. He has been an ineffective leader who even with a majority in Congress for 2 years (super majority for part of that time) was unable to do anything that actually worked/helped. A leader with this poor of a track record is generally not liked or respected.

    Bush and Clinton, for all their numerous faults, were effective leaders.

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  • 9 years ago

    OK.. think of it like this.

    You hire a contractor who promises he can fix your leaky roof fast, cheap and make it like new. He shows up Monday morning and sets up and you leave and go to work.

    You come back and half your roof has been torn away, one of your walls has been ripped away with it and there's a pickup truck crashed throw your garage. You hear music blaring from the back yard and you walk back to find the contractor flipping burgers on a huge new grill surrounded a dozen people you don't know lounging all over surrounded by beer cans scattered everywhere. He looks up at you and gives you a dazzling smile and says "I hope you don't mind I used your credit to throw this party, we had to celebrate when your roof was fixed." You scream "my roof is gone! how the hell is it fixed!?!?" Oh, he says.. that's the builders fault.

    Do you think you'd be justified to be upset?

    That's Obama. He promised all these miracles and then proceeded to do everything possible to make things worse. Then he insults us by going on an endless stream of multi-million dollar vacations ( that we pay for ) while telling us how great a job he's done.

  • 9 years ago

    Personally he is well liked, good family man, father, etc and also an excellent speaker. His lack of experience and his non-american philosophy along with his lack of leadership and his unfettered willingness to spend money we don't have resulted in his current decline with the American people. We don't think he's capable of leading, thus he could not have done the things he promised. All in all, he's a good person and would do well on speaking tours, etc.

  • IceT
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    9 years ago

    Unemployment of over 9% for 3 years.

    The most people ever on food stamps.

    The poverty level at a 50 year high.

    He pushed for a so called stimulus which he said would go to shovel ready jobs. Instead $1 trillion in taxpayer money went to bailout unions! O'Bama now says there is no such thing as a shovel ready project!

    Do you get the idea or do you want more?!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Economy, housing market, & deficit issues still linger and people need someone to blame.

  • 9 years ago

    I think its basically because he's so far left in his philosophy. and he's created a class warfare environment that the majority of us in the US are opposed to

  • 9 years ago

    They have been trashing that guy like this since before he was elected. It is the same people.

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