Can I cook Du-kit (Fimo) on baking paper?

I bought some du-kit to make christmas presents (decorations, beads, etc)

It would be considerably easier to build on a piece of cooking paper then bake it. Is that safe to do? Would it affect the cooking? Would it stick to the clay?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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    Du-Kit isn't the same brand of polymer clay as Fimo, but all brands and lines of polymer clay can be baked on paper (and in fact, plain white or brown kraft paper are excellent--normally put on top of a metal baking sheet or something else that's stiff though to help get in and out of the oven). Polymer clay won't stick to plain paper either.

    Sounds like you might be in Aus/NZ though if you're using Du-Kit so not sure what you might mean by "baking paper." If you mean parchment paper (coated with silicone), then it's fine to use. Some kinds of kitchen paper are coated with wax or "dry wax" though and you probably wouldn't want to use those.

    There are loads of things that can be used under the clay (or even completely burying it) when baking though. You can read about them all on the Baking page of my polymer clay "encyclopedia" site:

    ....Note that if you place the clay directly on a very smooth surface like glass, metal, ceramic, etc, the clay will develop a shiny spot where it touched since the clay softens slightly when heated and takes on the texture of any surface it contacts.

    P.S. If Du-Kit still has that problem of not accepting clear finishes well after curing because of it's natural sheen/smoothness, it could probably be handled the way that Kato Polymer clay is (which is similar) by rubbing a tiny bit of liquid polymer clay on first, curing 5-10 min, then using the finish.

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    Fimo Kit

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