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Whats a good iphone app for watching t.v. free??? ?

can u please make it simple :( thank u

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well they arnt free but you can try

    puffin web browser

    skyfire web browser

    they each have their good/bad points. But i think i like puffin more.

    Puffin is kind of laggy/choppy when viewing normal content, but when you play a video, you can click the full screen button, and it works VERY well.

    Skyfire runs alot smoother, but doesnt always get the catch the video on the page, and it also plays it in live mode, which doesnt allow you to scrub through it.

    It also really depends on what "tv" you are referring to.

    I use it to watch anime, which are usually uploaded to video sharing sites like megavideo and the likes. It also can play ALL youtube vids.

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