the crucible act 2 questions?

1.What does warron says that those who confess witchcraft will

2.what does elizabeth fear when she finds that her name has been mentioned in court

3.what i the reason proctor gives for failing to attend church insalem

4.why did mary warren refuses to go to court after Elizabeth is arrested

5. what is on conflict that drived act two

6.Is Ahigail the villain in this drama or is she incocent ,and why

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    1. Anyone who confess to witchcraft, repents, and names other witches will not get in trouble. 'Witches' who don't do that will be hung or crushed by rocks. (Crushed like Cory Giles)

    2. Elizabeth fears she will be killed. Someone accused her of being a witch and since she doesn't want to falsely name others she will be killed for sure.

    3. Proctor couldn't attend church because he had work to do.

    6. Abigail is a villain. She accuses Elizabeth, John's wife, because she wants John. She believes if his wife is out of the way, they can be lovers again.

    Hope this helped a bit.

  • 4 years ago

    11) Elizabeth is taken below arrest through way of actuality Abigail says something in courtroom docket approximately Elizabeth preforming witchcraft. Abigail does this through way of actuality Elizabeth is married to John Proctor and Abigail needs John all to herself. (John cheated on Elizabeth with Abigail previous to the play)

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    Seriously? You're copying your homework question for other people to answer them, because you're too lazy to do it yourself? And, if that's not bad enough, your too lazy to even copy the whole questions and still expect others to answer? Good luck graduating this year.

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