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Repost: What does a Fennec do during a sandstorm?

This is a repost because I received no replies: and if it stays in its burrow, what happens if the burrow is covered with tons of sand? Does it (and its kits) suffocate?

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I did use a search engine to find the answer. It's not something most overviews of fennec's address. They have special noses which help filter sand when they are in a sandstorm, but that doesn't really address the question of a prolonged sandstorm that could overwhelm a burrow with kits. I got a few books out of the library for my daughter (who is 4) who wanted to learn more about fennecs, but none address this and she continues to ask questions after the last book which focused on a little fennec family.

The last time I posted I got a rude response telling me to use a search engine - I used a search engine before I posted the first time. I don't have trouble using google and I searched YA! for similiar questions before I posted. So if anyone knows anything about fennecs, I'd appreciate info. My girl has a stomach virus and we won't be getting to the natural history museum's library for awhile.

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    A fennec fox's typical den is dug in sand, either in open areas or places sheltered by plants with stable sand dunes considered to be their ideal habitat. In compacted soils, dens can be up to 120 square meters, with up to 15 different entrances. In some cases different families interconnect their dens, or locate them close together. In soft, looser sand, dens tend to be simpler with only one entrance leading to a single chamber.

    Their dens are big enough to allow them space to dig out of it...

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