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White flakes inside foreskin on tip of penis?

Ive had this "problem" for a year and I don't know what this is. Is something wrong or what. White flake like things when foreskin is pulled bak and on tip of penis? HELP I'm scared

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    Don't worry dude. This white sediment is called smegma. Smegma is secreted by the tiny glands of your foreskin. Our body makes its own arrangements to protect itself from possible infections. Smegma protects your penise from bacterial infections. It also keeps the glans of your penise lubricated. You don't need to pull back the foreskin and clean it. Let your body do its own things smoothly.

    NOTE: More than eighty percent of world population is uncircumcised. Some people do it for religious reason. Americans do it without any reason. And they advise other people too to do this stupidity. _

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    Ignore the comment about circumcision. By the very nature of it, circumcision is a brutally cruel and highly destructive procedure that removes essential, healthy, vital, nerve rich tissue from the penis for no good reason.

    The foreskin contains 20,000+ touch and pressure receptors that represent 75% of the sexually sensitive tissue on the penis. How could letting some hack in a lab coat slice this skin off make things better? It can't and it won't.

    You simply cannot remove that much nerve enervated tissue from the penis and still expect it to function normally.

    As the one more intellectual responded noted, the white flakes are smegma.

    Smegma is a natural, healthy secretion of the foreskin/glans combination. Smegma conains Langerin,....a powerful anti microbial compound that wards off bacteria and keeps this area clean and disease free,...just like you are now.

    When smegma begins to accummulate, it can manifest itself as white or yellow clumps or flakes around the rim of the glans and on the foreskin.

    These clumps consist of dead skin cells, urine deposits, seminal secretions, and smegma. All 100% natural, and 100% water soluble.

    Retracting and washing this area with soap removes ALL the smegma, leaving this area open to drying out and odour causing bacterial infections.

    Retracting and rinsing with clear, clean shower water only removes the excess (water soluble) deposits,

    leaving a micro thin layer to keep bacteria and odour at bay.

    So you can see,...smegma is not the vitriol from hell we have been duped into believing. Smegma is a sign you are a normal, healthy young man.

    Go to: www.norm.org and read about the reason and function of Smegma and the foreskin. You will see how very fortunate you are to still have yours, and how misguided are those who promote circumcision for any reason.

    Good luck and I hope this helped.


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    Smegma is actually normal if you don't like it being white then you can rub a little vaseline under the tip of the head in the morning and that will keep the skin soft all day and prevent dryness.

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    Smegma is a combination of the moisture under the foreskin combined with dead skin. It can dry out and get flakey. That's all; it's normal.

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    you should get circumcise it is more sanitary

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