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Leto asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 9 years ago

English poetry: Rhythm & Meter? Help PleaSE!?

PleasE help me determine the rhythm and meter of this poem!

I have an assignment and i'm trying to figure it out, but it would reallY help if someone who could really see these things clearly would help me

Harlem Sweeties

By Langston Hughes 1902–1967

Have you dug the spill

Of Sugar Hill?

Cast your gims

On this sepia thrill:

Brown sugar lassie,

Caramel treat,

Honey-gold baby

Sweet enough to eat.

Peach-skinned girlie,

Coffee and cream,

Chocolate darling

Out of a dream.

Walnut tinted

Or cocoa brown,


Pride of the town.

Rich cream-colored

To plum-tinted black,

Feminine sweetness

In Harlem’s no lack.

Glow of the quince

To blush of the rose.

Persimmon bronze

To cinnamon toes.

Blackberry cordial,

Virginia Dare wine—

All those sweet colors

Flavor Harlem of mine!

Walnut or cocoa,

Let me repeat:

Caramel, brown sugar,

A chocolate treat.

Molasses taffy,

Coffee and cream,

Licorice, clove, cinnamon

To a honey-brown dream.

Ginger, wine-gold,

Persimmon, blackberry,

All through the spectrum

Harlem girls vary—

So if you want to know beauty’s

Rainbow-sweet thrill,

Stroll down luscious,

Delicious, fine Sugar Hill.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    This poem has rhyme, and though the first line is AABA, the rest of the poem is CDED FGHG IJKJ

    etc... a basic abcb format.

    The meter is... random - whatever works best.

    See for yourself - it rhymes, obviously, and meter is words to line, although usually tied to iambicness, so, as the poet Sin always points out (correctly), like saying clip Clop clip CLOP, and the first 4 lines are:

    Clop clip Clop clip Clop

    clip CLOP CLOP clip

    Clop clip Clop

    Clip Clip Clip Clop Clip Clip

    which seems pretty random to me.

    Does that help?

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