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Week 14- Tebow, Sanchez, Alex Smith?

I've had QB injury issues so that's who I got. It's the first round of playoffs and yes, I made it in. Because of injuries, at this point, it's all gravy and I'm willing to gamble.

Tebow vs. Chi

Sanchez vs. KC

SF @ Ari

I've been playing Tebow and he's been decent. The problem is my league awards bonus points at 275 yards passing. He might never hit that. And I've watched his games and he kinda drives me batty. The Broncos had 1 first down in the 1st half last week. He seems so close to putting up just awful stats and I can't afford a stinker at QB. I'm leaning toward Alex Smith right now. Plays the Cardinals and put up good numbers against them a few weeks ago. Has the potential to hit that 275 yards.

There's also a few QB's on the waiver wire that I'd consider-- Grossman vs. NE(great matchup but it is Grossman), Ponder @ Det. Ponder has put up good fantasy numbers.

At this point, I'm willing to gamble on anyone- Grossman, Ponder, A. Smith, etc. Washington could be down big and he'll put up those garbage yards like Orlovsky did last week. My real issue is I don't trust Tebow vs. an angry Bears D and while he's been consistent at about 16 pts/game fantasy, he doesn't seem able to hit that 300 yard passing mark. And while he played well last week, he only threw for 200 yards and only had 15 yards rushing. The main reason I liked to play Tebow was his rushing yards. If he's not doing that and you know he's not gonna air it out and get me 300 yards passing, he might not be worth it. Opinions?


4 pt. bonus at 275 yards

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    What kind of award do you get for 275 yards? If it's decent enough to make a difference, go with Grossman. He somehow managed zero INT's last week, although he did have a fumble. But this is a dream matchup, esp if Chung is still out. Even if he plays, he's got ONE int the whole season, so he's hardly a threat. I agree you can't play Tebow vs the Bears - even without the passing bonus, he's a horrible start. That defense is playing lights out and it will be, by far, the toughest test yet. I also think it will be his first loss.

    The Cards are getting much better on DEF. Look what they did to the established passing game of Romo, his WRs and Witten. You can't trust Alex in this matchup.

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    I would go with Alex Smith as you said to get the bonus...At least he will get you 15-20...Dirty Sanchez will screw you big KC D is good. Tebow might be a good start as well...but he will giove you and ulser for the first 3 quarters and the get you points in 4th...tho he is due to be shut down...Chicago D is very unpredictable... I always like to go with a home QB myself, check the weather in Denver..might swing your decision

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    Probably go with Alex Smith.

    Dirthy Sanchez will have trouble. Tebow is too much of a gamble.

    Both free agents suck.

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    He still gets a good amount of points each week, better than most QBs. Take Tebow

    good luck

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    I don't care if you don't like it...go with tebow

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    Tebow all day!

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