Israel/Palestine Conflict debate?

I need 3 reasons for both Israel/Palestine of why either both of them should own the land. please and thank you...

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    Israel should own the land subject to the UN Partition Plan and the Disputed Territories because:

    1. God: Biblical title to the land. Jews never relinquished claim to lands in dispute. Islam recognizes Jews as People of the Book. The Book is considered the word of God/Allah as well. There's no question about the significant overlap of the territorial boundaries of modern day Israel and the Land of Milk and Honey described in the Bible. The question turns instead on who are the true descendants of Abraham and who are the real beneficiaries of the Covenant.

    2. Legal: British rule, British documents, and subsequent UN decisions determine Israel to be successor state: Balfour Declaration, UN Partition Plan rejected by Arabs in toto. Arabs unwilling and unable to negotiate two state solution. There is no viable Palestinian representative to negotiate and enforce peace plan and two state solution.

    3. Hegemonic: Israel fought at least four major wars of survival against numerically superior Arab antagonists and won. War is how over 90% of all national boundaries have been historically determined. So, tough crap for the losers. The military victories of the State of Israel determine the modern day parameters of the State of Israel. Besides, the stateless Arabs left Palestine on their own volition in hope of returning after Arab victory.

    Palestinians should own land subject to the Partition Plan and the Disputed Territories because:

    1. Universal human rights: Palestinians are entitled to self determination by a representative entity/leader/organization of their own choosing and recognition of their statehood before UN. Social justice demands a two state solution with the right of return for all the hundred of thousands of Palestinian families forcibly expelled by Israel in the events leading up to and during the Naqba as well as their descendants who languish in refugee camps.

    2. Adverse Possession: Whatever Biblical claim the Jews have to a Jewish homeland is voided by the passage of time and the adverse possession of Palestinians/Arabs living for generations in disputed territories. Palestinians/Arabs were not responsible for the Holocaust. They should not be responsible for sacrificing everything they own because of what the Nazis did.

    3. History: Palestinians are victims/pawns in geopolitical conflict between unallied and unaffiliated Arabs against Jews. The now stateless Arabs in the refugee camps had nothing to do with waging wars against Israel. Palestinians have never had any representation of their interests before International bodies deciding the fate of the disputed territories that they lived on for two thousand years.

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    Is Israel the final colonial rule interior the international? The stick to-up question If Israel isn't a colony why then the u . s . a . and the international go with to create a state for the community people of Palestine? Is Israel a colonial democracy? If Israel is a democracy why there is no longer a written democratic shape? If Israel has the splendid to exist dose Palestine has a similar ideal to exist too?

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    Reason for Israel:

    - They are Educated

    - They Promote Freedom

    - They share western values

    Reason for Palestine:

    - Their a bunch of lunatic idiots

    - They're uncivilized and uneducated

    - They're fanatic terrorists

    Source(s): The land belongs to Israel...
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    9 years ago

    im impressed by W.C felchers answer!, unbiased and everything:D

    i am personally very biased toward Palestine due to the aggressive and just not very nice nature of Israel, but i suppose borders aren't decided by "who was nice" are they? :(

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