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Who deserves to be in the HALL OF FAME?

From this list which players deserve to be in the Hall of Fame:

Jeff Bagwell,

Jeromy Burnitz,

Vinny Castilla,

Juan Gonzalez,

Brian Jordan,

Barry Larkin,

Javy Lopez,

Edgar Martinez,

Don Mattingly,

Fred McGriff,

Mark McGwire,

Jack Morris,

Bill Mueller,

Terry Mulholland,

Dale Murphy,

Phil Nevin,

Rafael Palmeiro,

Brad Radke,

Tim Raines,

Tim Salmon,

Ruben Sierra,

Lee Smith,

Alan Trammell,

Larry Walker,

Bernie Williams,

Tony Womack,

Eric Young.

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    Barry Larkin will receive the necessary votes this January to gain entry into the HOF.

    Edgar Martinez - It will be very interesting to see if he gets substantial votes this year as primarily a DH for his career.

    Jack Morris deserves to be elected but I don't think he'll get the 75% needed.

    Don Mattingly deserves to be in the HOF but he will have to wait for the "Golden Era Committee" to elect him.

    Tim Raines should have been elected by now. I don't understand why he's not.

    Alan Trammell IS a HOFer as far as I'm concerned. It's too bad that the BBWAA doesn't get it.

    Lee Smith belongs in the HOF as well

    The rest of the list consists of very good players or those involved in steroid use either directly or indirectly.

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    In my opinion, Jeff Bagwell, Barry Lakrkin, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Dale Murphy, Tim Raines, Lee Smith.

    Possibly Alan Trammell depending on his career as a manager, same goes for Don Mattingly.

    Bernie Williams, Vinny Castilla, Juan Gonzalez, Ruben Sierra, and Tim Salmon are also possibilities

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    Bagwell, Larkin, Edgar Martinez, McGriff, Raines, Trammell, Walker.

    I could be persuaded to put in Mattingly or Murphy, and would include McGwire and Palmeiro if I felt like including PED users. Not quite sure.

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    Jeff Bagwell, Barry Larkin, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Rafael Palmeiro, Tim Raines, and Alan Trammell.

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    Jeff Bagwell

    Barry Larkin

    Don Mattingly

    Fred McGriff

    Jack Morris,

    Larry Walker

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    Santo -Yes Hernandez -- Maybe Gil Hodges should also be considered. 8-time All Star 3 Gold gloves -- including the first ever rewarded 2nd most home runs in the 1950's (First was Duke Snider; 3rd Eddie Mathews) An RBI machine -- over 100 ten times in a row Holds the record for sacrifice flies in a season (19 in 1954) Was 11th in all-time homers when he retired (has more career homers than Yogi Berra) Led the Mets to a world championship in 1969 Revolutionized play at First Base -- made it a mobile position Read: The Quiet Man by Marino Amouroso There is a whole lot more.

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    Jeff Bagwell

    Barry Larkin

    Don Mattingly

    Fred McGriff

    Jack Morris

    Dale Murphy

    Tim Raines

    Lee Smith

    Alan Trammell

    Bernie Williams

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    From that list, a bunch of players belong there. And I can make their case.

    Jeff Bagwell-Played during the heart of the steroid era, but was always clean. Had terrific power and contact numbers. Shouldn't be penalized because of the era he played in.

    1994 NL MVP

    1991 NL ROY

    4x All Star

    79.9 WAR

    2,314 hits

    449 Homers

    1,517 runs

    1,529 RBIs

    1,401 walks

    488 doubles

    .297 BA

    .408 OBP

    .540 SLG

    Those seem like Hall of fame numbers to me.

    Barry Larkin-Great leader for the Cincinnati Reds during the 80s, 90s and 00s. Was always consistent, never gave the media problems, and also won a World Series.

    12x All Star

    2,340 hits

    441 doubles

    .295 BA

    1995 NL MVP

    3x Gold Glove Award Winner

    9x Silver Slugger

    Edgar Martinez-He may be overshadowed because of his position, DH. He did all of this while starting his full time career pretty late at Age 27.

    7x All Star

    5x Silver Slugger

    .312 BA

    309 homers

    514 doubles

    2,247 hits

    Fred McGriff-Also overshadowed by other players because of his career during the steroid era. But a great first baseman who hit for great power, consistent contact and drove in a lot of runs.

    5x All Star

    3x Silver Slugger

    2,490 hits

    441 doubles

    493 homers

    .284 BA

    .509 SLG

    Jack Morris-This guy should've been in a long time ago. The pitcher who had the most wins in the 1980s, ERA may be high considering that he pitched in the notorious hitter friendly Tiger Stadium for most of his career.

    254 wins

    2,478 K's

    5x All Star

    1991 WS MVP

    20+ wins 3x

    Tim Raines-Another forgotten player beneath the shadow of Rickey Henderson. They were pretty identical players, but Rickey played slightly longer and more full seasons.

    7x All Star

    1,571 runs

    2,605 hits

    430 doubles

    808 stolen bases

    1,330 walks

    .294 BA

    Larry Walker-Played most of his career in the notorious hitter friendly Coors field. But he shouldn't be penalized for that, because in order to play baseball, you still have to be able to use your skills to play well.

    5x All Star

    7x Gold Glove Award Winner

    1997 NL MVP

    2,160 hits

    471 doubles

    383 homers

    .313 BA

    .400 OBP

    .565 SLG

    That's my list and hopefully this helps!

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    I can only go with Barry Larkin and Dale Murphy.

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    None of them. But some cases can be made....btw you copied this from another source, the question has been asked before.

    Where's the name of Craig Biggio?

    Bagwelll....449 HR's, his career was cut short by injury, but he has steroid links.

    Lee Smith...he was totally dominant on smaller market clubs or non contenders.

    Mc Griff..he has the numbers, but lacked overall impact.

    EDIT: Larkin is legit...he will get in.

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