Can anyone give me the correct mailing address to Mcleannan County jail?

I sent off a letter to a friend with the inmate number and everything. I am guessing she gave to the wrong address because it was returned to me. or, for some other reason they returned the letter. Can anyone give me the rules and what not on letters also? mcleannan County jail is in Texas. How to i write out the envelope? My searching has had no result.

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    I pasted your question into the Yahoo search bar and here is all the information on this link.

    Mclennan County Jails Texas - Criminal Records Search

    Address: City: State . Criminal ... Below is a list of jails in Mclennan county Texas. List may also contain local jails, ... Mclennan County Jail 3201 Hwy 6 East Waco, TX 76705. - Cached

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    Mclennan County Jail Inmate Search

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