what power supply do i need for a 500 watt car amp?

i have a 500watt 5 ampere 12volt Car amplifier. it is dual channel and has a usb outlet.

it provided 2X75Rms output for speakers

now i need to know what power supply do i need if i want to run the device at home. i already found an adapter 12v 6 amps but not sure about its wattage,

any schematics to make this power supply can be useful thanks



500W 2CH Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier for Car , Motorcycle, Boat

The Amplifier can be also pluged in with ipod or other MP3!

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Brand new Mini Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier for cars, motorcycles, or boats.

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* Power LED (red)

* Input level adjustment Knob

* High and Low Pass Filter Switch

* RCA Stereo Inputs

* Power & High Level Input & Speaker with Waterproof Connectors.

* Super Heavy Duty Aluminum Case that keeps the unit cool


* Total Harmonic Distortion Less Than 0.1%

* Signal To Noise Ratio : 90dB.

* Stereo Separation: 55dB.

* Output Power: RMS 75 WattsX2CH.(at 14.4V DC) Loading in 4 Ohm Speaker.

* Dimension (mm): D*W*H= 102*78*31.

does more current give me better sound quality ?


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  • 9 years ago
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    How do you know it's 5A? Is that the size of its fuse?

    2x75 would indicate something higher than that as 150w/12v = 12.5A plus another 20-30% to account for efficiency. So the 5A suggestion makes me think the amp is not accurately rated.

    I'd say 5A at the minimum.

    I'm not exactly sure about the function of this type of power supply, but the specs look more than adequate: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100W-12V-8-5A-Switching-Po...

    Something more standard: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pyramid-PS-8-K-power-suppl...

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  • 4 years ago

    Your setup would be positive. Whoever advised you it is a moron. as long as your amp isnt clipping (like whilst the convenience is in simple terms too intense), your sub would be positive. How can a sub reason an amp to distort in simple terms because of the fact it may bodily handle greater means? the sole way it may reason distortion is that in case you cranked the convenience as much as get greater bass and clipped the sign (the convenience isn't a quantity administration!) in simple terms run it as is and in case you prefer it louder, improve the amp in a protracted time. beneficial factors are no longer quantity knobs, they're there so which you would be able to journey the enter voltage. in case you turn it too intense, it is going to deliver distortion to ANY sub.

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