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Why does my foster parents hate the songs i lison to?

a minute i go she walked in saying are you listening to the angry white man again sing(eminem he my fave singer)..she kept saying that there not looking at me, and that im wasting my time, and balh balh balh...and it pisses me off because i the song i was lisning to doesnt say nothign bad so i was just like just lison to a line of the song...but she just kept saying it was discussing and that all he is singing about is drugs, and having sex..and i was just lisning to this song

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and its has nothing like that in it!! like its actually a good song, they don't say nothing wrong in it!! Why does she hate rap music so much?! it pisses me off!!

BTW- when i get home, im going to blast the song because i got high...she how she reacts to that:P


idk...she calls him angry white man:/ shes white too so its also beyond me:P

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  • Kira
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    Listen to your music through earphones.

    No one hears it but you....problem solved.

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    moms and dads, foster moms and dads, it somewhat is each and each of a similar. No person ever seems to love the subsequent generations song. I used to discover it SO annoying whilst my father could say the song i like stunk... now that i'm a dad, i've got self belief the right comparable way related to the junk my daughter listens to (See?!) ... you would be there some day and in basic terms then will you somewhat understand.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I have the same problem my folks judge all of the music i listen to by the way it sounds not by what the lyrics are or what message the song is putting out. Not sure if this is the same thing or not, hope it helps!

  • 8 years ago

    ok most of eminen's songs are bad but the thing that you foster mom has to do is set down and really listen to the words of the song to see if its really bad or not.sometime pple judge things from a distants cause thats all they for your foster mom to say "white man song" is beyond me.

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