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"If the company is doing well, the workers should be doing well." Agree or disagree, and why?


To "Shovel Ready" - I beg to differ. That is very rarely how it works. American companies have been posting record profits throughout this current economic crisis, and yet workers have been fired, laid off, and those who remain have stagnant wages.

Update 2:

To Shovel Read #2 -- Wrong again. American workers' productivity is through the roof. Yet wages do not correspond.

Update 3:

Outsourcing has NOTHING to do with "productivity".

Outsourcing is ONLY about greed.

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    That's almost never the case any more. The workers are in China.

    @Daniel: Adam Smith was pre-industrial revolution. Today it would be "natural resources" along with "land" in the same grouping. In the late 1800s, when capitalists (robber barons) were crushing steel and textile industry masters, journeymen and apprentices, a contingent of the labor force was wondering why labor and capital couldn't be one in the same. Labor generates the capital they argued. The fight was fierce in places like Boston and Pittsburgh but ultimately, the robber barons won.

    One might ask the same question today. Why don't the workers own the businesses? In a country where we value our democratic/republican principals, we allow corporations to behave like dictatorships or oligarchies. The only people with a vote are the capitalists.

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    Yes I agree in capitalism the three main means of production are land, labour, and capital according to Adam Smith. Although he assigns no particular value to each the rules have been rigged to reward capital at a far greater rate than labour. If you think about it that is part of what the OWS protest is about.

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    That is how it generally works, yes. Likewise, if a company is hurting, so should the workers. If the workers are not particularly productive, management has an obligation to seek other ways of getting the work done, such as by outsourcing. Otherwise, the company goes belly up and employs nobody.

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    Of course.

    I also believe that the wage gap should be proportional between salary grades.

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    LOL... poor naive cons... lol... "that's how it works"... lol...

    and the last study I read had American workers right at the top of productivity...

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