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What is a typical French city?

What is a typical French city like? Is Lille a typical French city? What is Lille like? Is loud? Is it Quiet? Is it calm? Is it lively?

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  • 9 years ago
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    A city can be very large or relatively small, so there is no "typical" French city. They all differ depending on their age, their size, the kind of buildings they comprise, and their geographical location.

    For instance Marseille in the South is completely different from Strasbourg in the North- East.

    Lille is rather unusual in that it is the main city of a huge conurbation practically on the border with Belgium that also comprises the towns of Roubaix and Tourcoing and these where a bit like the conglomeration of Northern industrial towns around Manchester in the UK.

    Due to its overall size it is similar to the largest of French cities, but it is rather cold in the winter as it is in the plain of Flanders. It is extremely busy and lively. It has an excellent university so has lots of young people. It has a nice historic centre and lots of newer buildings dating back to the time of the industrial revolution as well as many modern buildings on the outskirts.There are excellent shopping facilities, the largest bookshop in France on the grande place, and many pleasant little restaurants, bags of culture and lots of things to do any time of the year. Furthermore it has a direct high speed rail link to London,and Brussels and Paris.

    You can read all about it on here:

    Source(s): Worked at the University of Lille.
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