what boys names do you like?

my mums having a baby and we have the perfect name for a girl (isla joyce)

but we don't know what to call a boy

i have 4 brothers with the names shane,liam,kyle and david which are quite common names so we are looking for unique names

help will be much appreciated x

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I like Caspian, Damien, Asher, Sterling, Orion, Preston, Cooper, Spencer, Stanton, Alec, Aeron, Benton, Simon, Simeon, Jude, Jonah, Noah, Neil, Noel, Nolan, Nathaniel, Ian, Isaac, Griffin, Harrison, Garrison, Theodore, Keane, Hudson, Finley, Christian, Caelum, Ammon, Collin, Calum, Declan, Kennan, Blaine, Emerson, Soren, Shepherd, Archer, Fisher, Graham, Grant, Gareth, Garrett, Henry, Isaiah, James, Joseph, Josiah, Jericho, Joshua, Jeremy, Jonathan, Roman, Rowan, Ronan, Flynn, Finn, Conley, Connor, Conrad, Abel, Mitchell, Micah, Kirk, Cole, Kent, Clay, Corban, Carden, Cavan, Devin, Javan, Carson, Carter, Keane, Killian, Keegan, Kian, Kenyon, Lars, Lance, Lewis, Lawrence, Logan, Luke, Lucas, Levi, Malcolm, Mark, Marcus, Malachi, Nicholas, Oskar, Oliver, Owen, Orin, McKinley, Pierce, Patrick, Peter, Porter, Paul, Quincy, Quinlan, Quinton, Ruben, Richard, Robert, Rhys, Ross, Rory, Rourke, Raleigh, Rainier, Stanley, Silas, Cyrus, Cyril, Adair, Darius, Alexander, Anderson, Andrew, Mason, Nelson, Christopher, Solomon, Samuel, Samson, Timothy, Thomas, Rudy, Toby, Tobias, Trenton, Brenton, Bryce, Brendan, Brett, Brent, Trent, Chase, Chance, Chad, Martin, Judah, Jonas, Julian, Jett, Jesse, Eugene, Dominic, Dylan, Justin, Ezra, Davis, Dixon, Dalton, Dell, Delton, Dash, Dexter, Braxton, Bradley, Brennan, Brendan, Brady, Dane, Blake, Channing, Tate, Tatum, Tristan, Reid, Vincent, Victor, Wesley, Whitman, Walter, Xavier, Xander, Zane, Zachary

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Our first child was a boy and we wanted a unique name as well. We chose Asher which means "Happy One" in Hebrew. I guess it was a hit because a few months later, one of our friends named their baby that, lol. Good Luck

  • 9 years ago

    Riley- it sounds real cool:D




    Zephan(treasured by God)


    Hope it helps!:)

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