How to write a Game Analysis?

I am applying for an internship for a quality assurance game testing position and along with a resume and cover letter, I have to write a Game Analysis. I'm not familiar with writing a game analysis so I am wondering how exactly I should go about doing this and what exactly it should look like. Here's what the company describes what they want in the analysis:

•The game analysis should demonstrate your understanding of the gameplay mechanics and relationships to the design and implementation of the game.

•The game analysis should be on either a computer game or console game. This game analysis should not be on a game made by Blizzard Entertainment.

•Please limit your game analysis to no longer than 5 pages (the average length of an analysis is approximately 3 pages).


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    9 years ago
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    Begin with an introduction with facts but not to specific so explain the whole game instead of individual aspects.

    Then break it down into smaller aspects.

    Here are a few ideas...

    Graphics of the game,

    How well has it been made?

    How realistic are the graphics?

    What colors have they used to make the gaming experience better?

    After that what environment was the game actually situated in,

    Forest, Desert, Rural, City, Ocean, Park, more specific? etc.

    Characters or other general aspects of the game

    How were the characters equipped?Gun, sword, wand, or maybe just clothes

    What objects were used in the game to help the character? Platforms, spells.

    How easy is it to navigate your way around?

    What are you trying to achieve?

    Different settings of the game?

    In the ending paragraph/s summarize the whole game and everything you write.

    In all of the aspects you look at have positive and negatives of the game. Explain these things in detail using your wider vocabulary and narrow it down to lots of different things in all of the aspects your looking at.

    Use your brain to think up more questions to answer.

    Good luck!


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    Here are a few markers:

    - Goal of the game/How to achieve it [globally]

    - Sorts of gameplay

    - Implementation of gameplay:


    .manner of interacting with the game


    - Useage of items/spells/weapons

    - How do cinematics work? [ingame, prerendered. What do they add?]

    You know. Things like that.

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