Why do White American Men exclusively in Competitive Sports have such amazing @sses *Serious not trolling*?

Many Black guys naturally tend to have the nice athletic bubble butts in sports *Its in our genes and looks amazing on physically fit black men and women*.

...But I didn't expect white guys to as well. Especially the Football players and Wrestlers "da @ss is phat son!" LOL

I cant even post pics of athletic guys in training uniform because stupid Y!A is prude, they arn't even nude pics but whatever just trust that da *** is phat. Even corny goddamn matt damon WTF BRO?! Dude took up surfing and gotta a butt.Wife must be happy lol.

Couldn't find a pick of his butt, but trust me he has a firm ghetto booty.

In addition. I just finished watching a clip of Randy Orton fighting. Bra got pert cakes and a nice dark tawny skin tone.

Wtf is going on are they eating omega fatty acids now? lol.

*Confused and aroused black chick* *The white guys that pick me up don't have @ss like this except for the cross country skiiers but skii season is brief only 3 months! lol, I'm Canadian.


@ Low Dive: LOL its ok to have a little nonsensical humor every now and then. Check out my profile cheers ; .

Update 2:

@ The Truth: Your links dead.

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    9 years ago
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    Haha this question made me smile. Wish there were more like them on yahoo. Here is a star.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Umm k...

    Edited: @ K. Kottentail I think the link works now...

    I love man butt XD

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This is nominated most re'tarded question of the day.

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