taylor swift song suggestions?

what are some Taylor Swift songs on being confused about love?

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    8 years ago
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    I'm an expert on Taylor ..

    Enchanted (This is my favorite one. The lyrics are about hoping that you'll see a boy again, and hoping it's not to late to tell him you like him. The lyrics are kind of cheerful and not all sad. This some had a lot of wonderment to it)

    Fifteen (This song is sad, but has a good relatable message that says you don't know whaqt love is until you test people, and you shouldn't just jump to conclusions right away when you meet a boy.)

    The Way I Loved You (This is about you being in love, but the guy is really thick and he can't see that you like him that way. It's basically saying "Why can't you see my love". and she really opens up to him in this song!)

    Dear John (This is about a boy kind of ruling Taylor's world and she can't see why he won't talk to her because they broke up. She admits she made mistakes and that she will move on and try again.)

    Long Live (This song is about fame and love together. She says she'll always love him no matter what fame does. And she flashes back and tells her BF to always remember her, but it never implies a break up that much.)

    Mine (This one is kind of like Long Live with flash backs, but it has nothing to so with fame. It is far more romantic and shows how a couple can fight hard times together, and when they fight they make up right away.)

    Forever and Always (This is a confusion song about love. Taylor admits that it "Rains" no matter if her BF is there of not, and she really is bummed that he promised her everything and it isn't working.)

    Cold as You AND The Outside (These songs are the same about her taking a chance and having a good love, but then they got use to each other and he started treating her badly, and she says that it's over if he is giving up)

    Stay Beautiful AND You Belong With Me (Both songs are alike with crushes, but You Belong with me has a nother girl, but she says how no matter what happens, she will always have the other person's back and will love him forever.)

    Breathe (She admits in this song that it was a great love, and it is her fault and not his. She says that she wants to give him a second chance, but she can't because he's done, and she tries to move on in this song.)

    You're Not Sorry (About a love that lasts a while and it's kind of like "Cold as You" with the message of him using her.)

    Change (This isn't much of a love song but it's sayiong that mo matter who affects her, she is gonna be strong and move on and she sings in the end how everything turned out Okay!)

    White Horse (It's about a love that is perfect and it isn't his fault or her's, but they really were just loving each other because they were lonely and they just wanted to have something to do, and she admits it's not like the movies)

    Fearless and Love Story (About a first love and a crush, but closer than that and she says how she'd give it all up for him. Also she admits she wants to make it through hard times and both songs end happily. One with marraghe and one with a kiss)

    Sparks Fly AND Our Song (Both are super romantic and show how their loves go through hard times but they never give up because they love each other)

    Back to December (About confessing to a boy that things went very wrong, but that she's sorry and she will move on,)

    Speak Now (This is a very cute fun song about following you're heart. Her crush is marring a girl and she's afraid to stand up and tell him to love her, so when the preast says speak now, she gets up and tells him how she feels, and then Taylor gets the guy.)

    Mary's Song (Just like Our Song and very much of a flashback as if she's like 80 yrs old)

    Tied Together With a Smile and Innocent (Both the same message saying that even though it's hard she won't give up even if they're just friends.)

    The Story of Us (About a love coming to an end because they both try to out smart each other. SHe really loves him, but he turns it into a compition who can ignor the ither one.)

    Tim McGraw (It's like Katy Peryy's song THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. With the message how even though he isn't the one, shje still will always remember him most out of all her past loves)

    Picture to Burn (About a boy cheeting and Taylor getting mad)

    Hey Stephen (Basic Crush)

    The Best Day (One of those love songs, but her family is also in it and she flashes back on her childhood ect)

    Last Kiss and Haunted (Both about Taylor trying to move on past a boy and into the future, and she admits that their love was really special and she's a hopeless romantic, but she can't forget about the boy.)

    Mean (About an ex picking on her, and she exceps that he'll never be nice again)

    Better Than Revenge (A girl takes the boy she loves and rubbs it in her face, so taylor plays tricks on her and gets her payback. This one is good to see if you go to one of her concerts.)

    Never Grow up (SAME as Mary's Song. About her and her hubby with kids and stuff)

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    8 years ago

    1. You Belong With Me

    2. Mine

    3. Back To December

    4. Mean

    5. White Horse

    6. Sparks Fly

    7. Fearless

    8. The Story Of Us

    9. Fifteen

    10. Speak Now

    11. Our Song

    12. Enchanted

    13. You're Not Sorry

    14. Hey Stephen

    15. Better Than Revenge

    16. Teardrops On My Guitar

    17. The Way I Loved You

    18. Breathe

    19. Dear John

    20. Tell Me Why

    21. Haunted

    22. Last Kiss

    23. Innocent

    24. Forever & Always

    25. Never Grow Up

    26. The Best Day

    27. Should've Said No

    28. Long Live

    29. Change

    30. Picture To Burn

    31. Tim McGraw

    32. Jump Then Fall

    33. Today Was A Fairytale

    34. A Place In This World

    35. Stay Beautiful

    36. Cold As You

    37. Ours

    38. If This Was A Movie

    39. Untouchable

    40. Come In With The Rain

    41. Superman

    42. Mary's Song (Oh My My


    43. The Outside

    44. Tied Together With A Smile

    45. I'm Only Me When I'm

    With You

    46. Crazier

    47. SuperStar

    48. The Other Side Of The


    49. Haunted (acoustic)

    50. Love Story

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    4 years ago

    Well, my current favorite song by Taylor Swift is You Belong with me, but I also like Crazier from the Miley Cyrus movie (shocking) and I like the song Marys Song (Oh my,my), Stay Beautiful and The Best Day

  • 8 years ago

    Love Story

    You Belong With Me


    Speak Now


    Most of her songs are about being confused about love.

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't know but you should listen to possession by whitechapel. Way better than taylor swift. Great country band!

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    8 years ago

    The Other Side Of The Door

  • 8 years ago

    i think all of her songs are greeaat but here are some that's really nice :

    love story



    never grow up


    story of us


    you're not sorry

    you belong with me

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  • 8 years ago

    Tear drops on my guitar

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