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Why does my foster parents hate the music i lison too?!?

a minute i go she walked in saying are you listening to the angry white man again sing(eminem he my fave singer)..she kept saying that there not looking at me, and that im wasting my time, and balh balh balh...and it pisses me off because i the song i was lisning to doesnt say nothign bad so i was just like just lison to a line of the song...but she just kept saying it was discussing and that all he is singing about is drugs, and having sex..and i was just lisning to this song

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and its has nothing like that in it!! like its actually a good song, they don't say nothing wrong in it!! Why does she hate rap music so much?! it pisses me off!!

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    Well an easy way to get her to shut up is to tell her that u feel like shes picking on u for being a foster child and its not just the music ..I'm sure she does love u but telling insecurities to get her to leave u alone about your choice in music I say do it!

  • iswd1
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    8 years ago

    Parents, foster parents, it's all the same. No adult ever seems to like the next generations music. I used to find it SO annoying when my father would say the music I like stunk... now that I am a dad, I feel the exact same way about the junk my daughter listens to (See?!) ... you will be there some day and only then will you really understand.

  • Matt
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    8 years ago

    Two reasons, parents have always hated their kid's music, and most rap does suck. I like Eminem, but that is because most of his songs are not about how great he is, how much money he has, and how many ho's he gets in the club.

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    Haha, get use to it. A lot of parents don't like the same music as their children. My mom can't stand the majority of music I listen to. It's just how it is. She doesn't argue about it though.. unless she hears it. lol. Just think of it this way: it'd be kind of weird if they liked your music.

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    Don't let it piss you off it is normal. Maybe if you wrote down the words and let her see what they say she would begin to understand. sometimes all people can hear is the beat and it irritates them so they close their mind. sometimes it is just the difference in ages. Ask her what kind of music she likes and maybe listen to some of hers and maybe she will listen to some of yours.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    first of all chill! , second relax , third take deep breath and replay by mom you know in your times you loved such a song and such a singer , this is our time we listen to rap and rock and yes lady gaga and those people that you loose count of.

    say ti in a nice way with smile and trust me one fo the two either she will say you are crazy and gone coco or she will leave you to listen to it.

    plus parents are parents , all they ask for is respect and do your duties ( homework done ,doing your best , being good girl , etc)

    my mom hates rock music and I make fun of it to make her laugh and listen to one of them ..

    it is always the way you respond to them not what you say.

    and yes I love this song too :D

  • cadle
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    3 years ago

    I even have an analogous issue my human beings decide all the song i hear to via the way it sounds no longer via what the lyrics are or what message the music is putting out. undecided if it is an analogous ingredient or no longer, wish it facilitates!

  • Julie
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    8 years ago

    Perhaps she would prefer you to pay some attention in school and that way you might just learn how to use english properly!

    Also rap is awful.

  • 8 years ago

    Its not just your parents, most of our parents disagree with our choice of music. For example, I listen to Heavy Metal with Screamo and they think it is totally satanic or devil worshiping. When they mention your music again just say " I don't judge your music." Just keep on listening to what you want. =)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe it's because a lot of rap is about that stuff if someone says rap music that is the first thing that comes to my mind, but besides that idk it is a good song nothing bad with it. maybe have them listen to it maybe then they will understand

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