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what would be a good middle and last name for my characters?

I'm trying to write a book and I know my main names but i'm having trouble coming up with surnames that sound good with them. any suggestions?

name: I can't decide between (Riley, Serena, or Nina)

age: 18

eyes: smoky gray

hair: long brown

description: the main character of the story. She's smart and funny but only with her closet friends, with everyone else she is kind but not very open.

name: Dmitri or Kane

gender: male

age: 19

eyes: blue

hair: jet black

description: he's going to be a fallen angel who's very mysterious and the main male character of the story.

name: Alex

age: 18

eyes: green

hair: brown

description: he's the main characters best guy friend. Always there for her through thick and thin. He finds out he is the descendant of a witch and is destined to be (Riley/Serena/Nina) protector.

Name: elena


description: she is the main characters best friend and plays an important role in the story.

any suggestions would help especialy deciding on Dmitri's last name and on the main characters name.

4 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    Riley Erika Lobmeyer? Serena Kaycee Shaw? Nina Julie Rider?

    Dmitri Jacob Copter? Dmitri Dean Harrow? Kane Jared Markham?

    Alex Damien Madden? Alex Landon Davis?

    Elena Hope Crayfield? Elena Max Novia?

  • Riley Jane Freddicks

    Serena Katherine Peterson

    Nina Marie Benson

    Kane Weston Henderson

    Dmitri William Harrows

    Alex (Alexander) Timothy Graystone

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Serena Mary Sue

    Dmitri Mary Sue

    Alex Mary Sue

    Elena Mary Sue

    Hope I helped.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1st one

    What I Suggest:

    First name: Phoebe or Jacklon

    Middle name: Serena

    Last Name: Depending on her Nationality

    Smith (american), Iglesias(mexican), Dipacio (Italian), Finua (Pacific Islander)

    What you have listed: I would say Nina for fist or middle name.

    2nd one


    First Name:Lucifer

    Middle Name: Lucas

    Last name: Tiampo

    What you have listed: Kane for First name

    3rd one


    Middle name Joshua

    Last Name: Seeing that most Witches came from the English descendants maybe something like Wilson.

    4th one


    Middle Name: Aria

    Last name: Brown

    Hopes this helps

    Source(s): People I know and brain.
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