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Can You Answer These History Questions!?

1.Southern states systematically worked to strengthen laws to separate the races in public spaces and to:

prevent black men from joining the military.

prevent black men from exercising the right to vote

prevent black women from getting the right to vote.

prevent black women from learning to drive.

2. In every state of the former Confederacy the system of legalized segregation and disenfranchisement was fully in place by:





3. Although segregated railroad cars predated the Civil War, in general, the Jim Crow era dates from:

around 1850.

after 1865.

late 1890’s.

late 1920’s.

4. In 1899, the Supreme Court provided additional support for segregation in which of the following cases?:

Cumming v. Richmond County Board of Education

Mapp v. Ohio

Brown v. The Board of Education

Roe v. Wade

5. By the time of the Civil War, "Jim Crow" had become a racial slur synonymous with _____ in the vocabulary of many whites.:

funny or entertaining

stupid or ignorant

colored or black

birds or bees

6. The term "Jim Crow" is believed to have originated in the:





7. The year 1919 was a year of much violence. There were race riots, violence and even deaths. What was this time known as?:

The Death Summer of 1919

The Red Summer of 1919

The 1919 Violent Times

Racial Tension of 1919

8. What was the court case that essentially ruled that, "separate but equal" did not constitute discrimination?:

Brown vs. Board of Education

Plessy vs. Ferguson

Civil Rights Act of 1875

Civil Rights Case of 1883

9. What faired-skin black man was arrested for sitting in the reserved white seating on a train?

John Harlan:

Jim Crow

Joseph Bradley

Homére Plessy

10. The word segregation means to:



join forces.


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    1. prevent black men from exercising the right to vote

    2. 1910

    3. after 1865

    4. Cumming v Richmond Board of Eduction

    5. stupid or ignorant

    6. 1830s

    7. Red Summer of 1919

    8. Plessy v Ferguson

    9. Homere Plessy

    10. Separate

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    C. Self-Government Use the useful approach of removing! The residents collaborating in politics is an overly predominant aspect within the suggestion of Self-Government considering that with out participation of residents, there could well-nigh be little or no of a central authority left to control! Hope I Helped! :)

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