Maca fda approved important?

Ok I want to order maca for various personal reasons and I was wondering since its an herb should I be concerned if its FDA approved or not?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Let's see,

    The FDA has approved:

    GMO's (has never been tested on humans, and has horrible tests on animals)

    Aspartame (don't get me started)

    MSG (And the many ways it is hidden)

    The last thing to trust is the FDA. Look for things that are whole food, and time proven as safe in humans. This means stay away from processed foods when you can.

    Maca is a time proven superfood. It will love you long time. It is best NOT to do it every day. Four days a week would probably be best. It is safe to do every day, but, you get better benefit if you take some days off.

    It is here in my top ten superfoods. It just has so much going for it. Especially today in our world of GMO soy and estrogen dominant foods.

    Hope that helps,


  • 9 years ago

    FDA approval is only necessary for substances that have the potential for harm -- like pharmaceuticals.

    Maca is a natural substance that has no potential for harm, so no approval is required.

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