My friend is writing a play what you do think?

Narrator: Now you’re wondering what this play is about aren’t you? Well it’s about a little girl learning about the true meaning of Christmas.

Mom: Clair! Hurry up! We’re gonna be late!

Clair: (shouting from her room) don’t worry we will get there on time.

Mom: Downstairs, NOW!

Clair: (walks in) Happy?

Mom: Yes now let’s leave we have to be at the church by 7:00 (both walk off stage)

Church greeter: Merry almost Christmas! Here have a bulletin.

Mom: Thank you! (Everybody sits down)

Clair: (mummers) this is going to be a LONG night.

Preacher: Thank you all for coming on this snowy Christmas eve.

Narrator: OK, let’s speed things up (the serves ends)

Clair: (walks out of the church) WOW I made it thought that sermon! Now I can go home a wait for Santa!

Mom: don’t you want to spend time you your family?

Clair: N.O.P.E

Mom: (sighs) Ok you may stay up till 10:30

Clair: (whining) MOM he won’t be here by then! He has every house to go to in the world and you think he will make it here by 10:30! (Looks at the cookie plate) MOTHER! DID YOU EAT ONE OF SANTA’S COOKIES!!! (Whining again) Now he will never come! How dare (gets cut of my mom)

Mom: ENOUGH! Stop your whining or you go to bed at 9:00

Clair: That’s not fair! Its 8:30 mo (mom gives her “the look” and she stops)

Mom: why not you go take a shower.(chair stomps her feet off stage) now I can wrap come presents.

Narrator: As you can tell somebody is in a bad mood. I would be to if I waited all night for Santa.

Clair: (comes stomping in) MOM! Where is he! It’s almost 2 o’clock

Mom: Go back to bed!


Mom: Now! (Clair stomps off)

Narrator: It’s morning, Christmas day or as Clair would say “presents”

Clair: (all sitting on the ground and opening presents) OH mom look! It’s the bear I’ve wanted for years!

Mom: I’m glad you like it.

Clair: Mom, I gave this to you! Go ahead open it!

Mom: (opening box) Wow I love it. I really need a new hair brush. (they continue opening presents while the narrator talks)

Narrator: They opened so many presents that Clair never wanted it to end! She got stuffed animals, dolls, hair toys, and much more.

Mom: (they finish opening presents) Well who do you thank?

Claire: SANTA! And you

Mom: And…

Claire: Santa!

Mom: why do we have Christmas?

Claire: So I can get more stuff!

Mom: (shakes her head) Haha, but why do we really have Christmas.

Claire: I don’t know.

Mom: Claire. A long time ago, there was a young woman named Mary. An angle came to her and told her she was going to marry and have a baby named Jesus with a man named Joseph. There was a king, His name was King Herod. He was scarred once he heard that there was going to be a new king (Jesus) so he killed all babies. Mary and Joseph left to go to Bethlehem to have Jesus, As soon as they got there Mary was about to have her baby! All the rooms were full so she gave birth in a stable. There were shepherds, angles, and 3 wise kings that followed a star in the sky. They soon got scared that king Herod would find Jesus and kill him so they left to go to Egypt. Where they were soon safe.

Claire: Ok

Mom: That’s all you have to say “Ok”

Claire: What? Do you want me to though you a fest or something.

Mom: I just acted my heart out!

Claire: Mom…

Mom: WHAT!

Claire: Do you want to talk more once they have left (points to the audience)

Mom: Oh…. Right…. Forgot about you.

Claire: Narrator you want to say something?

Narrator: Nope. I’m good. (Awkward pause) Ok somebody dim the lights please.

Claire and Mom: yeah I think that’s a good idea.

(she said It has not been edited)

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  • 8 years ago
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    I like it very much.

    Yes, it does need editing.

    One part I think needs clarifying.

    "An angle came to her and told her she was going to marry and have a baby named Jesus with a man named Joseph."

    This sounds as if Jesus was the offspring of Mary and Joseph, not of the Virgin Mary. (See Luke 1:26-38). Try adding this somehow in your play:

    An angel came to her and told her she was going to have a baby. Mary asked the angel how this could be, since she has not been with a man, and not yet married? The angel told her that the Holy Spirit would come upon her, and she would conceive and later give birth to a baby boy, and he shall be called "the Son of God." (See verse 35). His name shall be Jesus, which means "Savior", because he would save his people from their sins. He is the greatest gift God could give to all of mankind. (John 3:16) When we give and receive gifts on Christmas day, we really should do so in honor of the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ whom God gave to the world. (John 15:13)

    I am not suggesting you include the Bible references. I only added those for your reference.

    Good luck with your play.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is okay for a first draft, although I believe some revising is needed. For example, I think it would be nicer if the narrator's first lines laster a bit longer, and went into a bit more detail besides simply "it's about a little girl learning about the true meaning of Christmas."

    Also, you may want to make it more obvious that this is supposed to teach Claire about the true meaning of Christmas (right now, it seems like a general Christmas Eve without much of a plot). Perhaps you could give her a line saying, "The only reason we have Christmas is to get presents!" earlier in the play. Or some other thing like that.

    These are just a couple suggestions, but hopefully they will get your mind rolling and inspire some fresh ideas to add to the script. And yes, it needs editing, but you have already mentioned that. Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wow!! Its awesome!!!! Honeslty, its very unique

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