Any help on search engine optimization?

Me and a bunch of friends are registering an I.T company but we're all inexperienced but relatively skilled. My job is to be the "online presence". Running the blog, advertising on sites and search engine optimization. Since i know nothing about these topics, i'm turning to the internet for help. A comprehensive tutorial on search engine optimization, some help on web advertising especially on social network sites and a link to a similar establishment's blog that i can use as a model would be much appreciated.

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    9 years ago
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    This is a rather deep question, but the first thing is content. Content is the thing that search engines love. The more specific you get with your content, the better. The more helpful your content for those that want your services, the better because it will be more likely to be shared on social sites and referenced on other web sites.

    You need to do research about your target market to figure out the best things to write about, especially if you have a brand new site. In the "source" section below, I have referenced an article I wrote about choosing an effective domain name. I have also listed a couple web sites where the authors of the sites do an excellent job of being found by search engines, all do to their content. Notice that the articles they write revolve around specific topics and are helpful in nature, not just begging for a sale.

    I have also listed as a reference for you search engine watch, which has been around for decades and has excellent advice on search engine techniques.

    Source(s): An article I wrote about domain names: Two sites that get excellent search engine traffic because of their depth of content: An excellent place to begin learning about search engine techniques:
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    I have a website too, a blog about making money online. My advice is to go professional since SEO can be rather complicated. It will be the most effective route and you won't have to waste time doing any of the work yourself. Then you can focus on making your site the best it can be. I found SEO to be rather complicated.

    I would recommend you check out

    They offer a lot of different services including paid search marketing, mobile search marketing, social media marketing and of course search engine optimization. Their SEO services include a full evaluation of your site, link development, problem identification, and testing.

    More than 60% of searchers will only click on the top 3 sites listed from a search so proper SEO is crucial!

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    As per the part of promotion, a website should have search engine friendly design because there are a lot things like flash, java script which search engine crawler doesn't handle. In the beginning if we are making a website to promote our business then we can just make it SEO friendly.

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    Back Links and web traffic will increase your online presence

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    For a full search engine strategy report I used this English guy

    I got him to do some extra work for me as well.

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    To promote or advertise your business on internet is SEO..

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