Ok. What happens next. Car crashed?

I was shopping and went to leave the parking lot. Another vehicle was backing up. He hit my rear back fender causing his trailer hitch ball to dig into my fender, lodging under the fender and we were stuck. I called 911 for the report. The police told me to get 3 quotes for damages. Now. since I have never done this, what is my next move after I get the 3 quotes. I never been involved in a bump up/crash... nothing. So I need some guidance. What do I do? I have to take off work to get this done? I have personal days left to take, but I really hate to do this when I dont have but 2 days left in this year that I was planning to use at Christmas. Now I have to do this and its not even my fault. Will these other people at least get a rental for me to use while waiting for my car to be fixed. I just did not need this now.

Suggestions or ideas?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The police dont have anything to do with fixing cars. dont know why they would tell you to get 3 quotes. You shouldnt have to do that. Call your insurance agent and they should put you in touch with your claim manager. You will need to give them the name and insurance info of the person that hit you. For an initial estimate they may send and estimator to your home or work to look at the car (you should NOT have to miss work). Then they will probably tell you to take it to a certain shop for repair. Mabe they will provide a rental car if your policy includes that. The claim manager should deal with the other insurance co to recover the money.

  • 9 years ago

    When ever your in an accident, the first call you make is to the police to report it then the second call is to your insurance company.

    Your insurance company will usually send an adjuster out to look at the damage and tell you to get 3 quotes. You are not required to do that but they try to intimidate you into doing it.

    The adjuster if they have one will access the damage and report it back to your insurance company that will then either send you payment for how much they think it will cost and they will low-ball the estimate. Or you can get an estimate and submit it to them for payment.

    If the car is a write off then accept the payment they give you blue book value if it is not a write off get at minimum one estimate and submit it to them so you will get a fair payment. You can get it done when your not working like on a Saturday.

    Some insurance companies will give you the name of a repair shop that will do the work and submit the bill to them instead of you. Be careful of them as the insurance companies tend to use the lowest cost shops and the repair is not always done well, if you do use this option check the work out and make sure your satisfied before signing anything.

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