Ruud Gullit slams the effort of English clubs in Champions League?

“United are just too dependent on Wayne Rooney. They should have really tried to sign ­Sneijder,” said Gullit.

“Without Paul Scholes, they ­really miss having a creative ­midfielder in the team and I can’t understand why they didn’t make good their interest in Sneijder in the summer.

“Benfica played good football and they showed that United also lack organisation in defence.

“They miss the calmness of Edwin van der Sar.

“And, ­because of his back ­injuries, Rio ­Ferdinand can no longer deliver what is ­required at the highest level.

“If I was a United fan I would worry about this team.”

he said: “At Chelsea they are busy ­replacing an entire team that is used to being successful. They have a big job. Because of the fact that Drogba, Anelka, Terry and ­Lampard have won so many ­trophies, it is not easy to say goodbye to them.

“As Torres has claimed, the team is just too old. I don’t think that was the cleverest thing to say about his team-mates, but he does have a valid point.”

Roberto Mancini has led City to the top of the ­Premier League and the Carling Cup semi-finals.

He said: “In Europe there has been no sign of their class. I find that amazing.

“Almost all of their players have experience at Champions League level. They can’t use that as an excuse. They are so much better than their form in Europe suggests.”

"It has surprised me that Arsenal are the only English club to have qualified for the last 16. However they do have a world class player in Robin Van Persie who has netted 39 goals in 43 games in 2011 which for me is an incredible record"

Ruud Gullet has also backed Van persie for next year Ballon d or nomination.

People wat do u make of Gullit comments ???


@Nick - I agree. i like Jamie Rednapp tho. hes a decent pundit. The rest get paid too much.

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  • Nick
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    9 years ago
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    I think failed managers have so much to say and so little to back it up. Would he be doing a better job?

    I really wonder to myself when I watch the half time pundits aka failed managers...Gareth Southgate criticizing Wengers signing or tactics in a game. Really? Really? REALLY?

  • wymer
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    4 years ago

    The chief in this among English golf equipment is Liverpool soccer membership, who've won it 5 [5] situations so a approaches. that's an excellent checklist for Liverpool to have. the subsequent closest is Manchester United who've won it 3 [3] situations so a approaches. observe: we've a recognition for those questions in Australia - they're called "Dorothy Dix" questions. in case you don't be responsive to what which ability, ask an Aussie pal - we've a lot of those variety of questions in our sittings of parliaments at the two state and federal point. Cheers.

  • That he doesn't think very highly of Arsenal lol he said he's suprised they qualified and the only reason they did was RVP?

    Everyone knows that about united & chelsea so nothing new there. and mancini is a bad manager so doesnt suprise me they arn't going to qualify.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i think he's kinda right... but Man City have the star pläyers, but not chemistry. and Chelsea are too old and too slow, they need new players. Liverpool and Spurs would do better in the Champions League i have a feeling. we both have to do better in the league

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  • 9 years ago

    I agree with nick. I like Gordon Strachan as i find him funny.

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