Someone suggest some actors/actresses for me? :)?

Okay, so I have yet another English project at night school and I'm to try and identify actors with my characters. I have the most important ones sorted but I need help with the others.

Most of the characters are teens so (unless I say otherwise) I need characters who are/look under 25 years old.

Here are the characters I need actors/actresses for:

Samara Fields-

Head cheerleader, blonde and bitchy. Very cliche I know! Heart shaped face with bluey-green eyes.

Blake and Carmen Linley -

New girls at school and the main characters' step sisters.

Rich brats. Blake is sorta strawberry blonde where Carmen is platinum blonde.

Marcella Linley-Rhodes -

B & C's mum. In her early 40's. Not nearly as attractive as her daughters.

Dark hair with a few grey streaks. Terrible dress sense. Brown eyes.

Shauna Church -

She's the shy girl at school. Doesn't know how to talk to guys.

her hair is kinda plum coloured, but dark brown or red would do :D

Very pale with honey-gold eyes

Matt Burns -

The cute guy. Tall and muscly. Short dark blonde hair with dark blue eyes.

Tyler (Ty) Hastings -

The sorta dorky guy but is still kinda hot.

Long dark hair, dark eyes. Short but strong. (Think Caleb from Pretty Little Liars)

Jeremy Knox -

Obnoxious, arrogant, *sshole!

Though still quite good looking.

Dark blonde hair, clipped quite close to his head.

Brown eyes.

Gerrard Knox -

In his 60's. Jeremy's grandpa

He's kinda stooped. Short hair and beard steaked liberally with grey hair.

Grey eyes too.

Erin Valentine -

Samara's friend. Very pretty with sorta rustic skin, deep dark eyes and hair.

Quite thin.

Annalise Shaw -

Tall and thin. Verry red, curly hair. Lots of freckles.

Hazel eyes.

Nicole Armstrong -

Dark skinned, athletic. Long curly hair. Brown eyes.

Thanks all in advance! :D

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  • Rose
    Lv 5
    8 years ago
    Best Answer

    Samara Fields- Candice Accola (from Vampire Diaries)

    Matt Burns - Zach Roerig (from Vampire Diaries)

    Erin Valentine - Malese Jow (also from Vampire Diaries)

    Annalise Shaw - ones of the girls who played Victoria in Twilight

    Nicole Armstrong - Bianca Lawson (also from Vampire Diaries) brain is dead...just watched VP...thought these characters fit... :D

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In some of the actor/actress profile pages, you will see a Fan mailing address listed under "Fan Mail".

  • KiMi
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    You might be able to find what you're looking for at

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